Sarah LoRusso

Sarah LoRusso

Welcome to NYU’s admissions blog!

My name is Sarah LoRusso and I am currently a sophomore at NYU’s College of Nursing in the bachelor’s program! Through the good, the bad, my stories, reflections, and thoughts, I hope you can get a glimpse of what NYU means to me and can mean for you as an individual. As a New Jersey transplant to New York City, it seems not too far away, but I find myself amidst changes everyday in the city which contribute to my growth. Thanks for reading along!

Recent Blog Entries

14 December 2015

Going home for Thanksgiving break, (which could mean across the Hudson in New Jersey like myself or in sunny California), means a small break away from reality. After devoting countless hours studying in Bobst Library for mid-terms, I could not … Continue reading