Shawn Abbott

Shawn Abbott


I am the Assistant Vice President and Dean of Admissions at NYU. As NYU’s admissions director, I oversee the recruitment, evaluation, and selection process for the largest independent research university in America. Before coming to NYU, I was the Director of Admission at Stanford University and I served on the admissions committees at Columbia University and Boston University for nearly a decade.

No one really goes to college to become an admissions director, so the seed for my career was likely planted while I was an undergraduate at the University of New Hampshire, where I had an amazing college experience. That lead to graduate school at the University of South Carolina, my first jobs at a community college in Boston and at Drexel University in Philadelphia, and then more graduate study at Columbia, where I studied the impact of urban colleges and universities on cities and received my Doctor of Education degree.

Though originally from Boston, New York is home now, and I love being at NYU, a place my boss calls “the most ambitious university on the planet.” It’s true! And through this blog, I hope to share straight-talking, tough love advice and observations about the college admission process and show you how there is no other university in the world quite like NYU.

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