Clint C.

Clint C.

Howdy all, I’m a sophomore in the Gallatin School here at NYU, where I study. A lot. What do I study, you ask? That’s for you to know and me to find out. (I swear I’m not being a jerk, I actually don’t know yet.)

What I do know, however, is that I’m from just outside of San Francisco, California. I like eating cheesesteaks and cheesecake, not at the same time but successively is fine. Sometimes I unintentionally rhyme.

In my spare time, I row for NYU’s Crew Team, explore New York, and make mixtapes for my friends.

Recent Blog Entries

15 April 2015

I don’t know about you, but I usually don’t think of late nights spent at the library as a particularly good time. Especially on Saturdays.

04 March 2015

You know that “Wow, I’ve made it” feeling? It’s a tingle inside, an “ah-ha” moment as Oprah would say, where deep inside you feel a twinge of satisfaction when you’re finally able to do something you’ve always felt uncomfortable doing. … Continue reading