Does the email you choose for your application account matter?

In general… no, but there are a few important things to keep in mind.


1. Use an email address that you check frequently.

(or set to forward to an account that you check frequently)


The admissions process is fast paced. There is time sensitive information sent via email throughout the process so you need to check your email frequently and respond promptly as needed.

2. Do not use profanity or crude language in your email address.

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This one is obvious, but I’ll say it anyway…

Your application should represent your best self. Don’t set yourself up for failure by using an offensive email address. Your email appears on the first page of your application and could put a bad taste in the reviewers mouth.


3. Do not use an email address account provided by your current school.

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This one is the shocker for some since many people think it’s their most professional and therefore best choice.

Why shouldn’t you use your current school email address?

You will leave your school and lose access to this email account before the admissions process concludes. This could make you miss out on critical information.

Students who attend schools that follow different academic calendars than NYU and the USA have it worse. If your school year ends in November or December (looking at you Australia and Oceania) or in February (what’s up Korea) you could end up missing out on a large number of communications both before and after decisions are released.

For more potential consequences to choosing your school email address, check out this other blog post: Singing the Email Bounce Back Blues

What now?

If you’ve already made the mistake of choosing the wrong email address, don’t worry. If you haven’t submitted your application, just update your Common Application account to a new email address. If you have already submitted, fixing this is as simple as emailing to provide us an updated email address. Be sure to include your full name and University ID (N########) so that we can find the correct record to update.


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