My Top 10 Roadtrip Songs for NYU

When I was admitted to NYU, all I wanted to do was watch every YouTube video, read every article, and follow every social media account that talked about NYC. I was ridiculously pumped to start school and couldn’t wait for those 3 summer months of waiting for move-in day to fly by! If you are anything like me, you’ll need a spicy soundtrack that showcases all your NYC feels and fiery excitement.

*Some songs include explicit content.


1. Empire State of Mind – JayZ & Alicia Keys
Obviously, this is #1. There is an old wise tale stating that NYU students wake up singing this exact song every single day for the duration of their NYU career.

2. New York City – The Chainsmokers
Because we all need a good pop-ballad by The Chainsmokers every once in a while.

3. New York Soul Pt.ii – Jon Bellion
A smooth NYC pop/rap song for your ride over to NYU.

4. Welcome to New York – Original By Taylor Swift, Spotify Cover by Ashley More
Clearly, no road trip is complete without a Taylor Swift song/cover. Sooooo…..Welcome To New York ‘UNIVERSITY’ 😉

5. No Sleep Till Brooklyn – Beastie Boys
An oldie but a goodie, especially for all you Tandon folks out there! #BrooklynSquad

6. New York – Urban Cone
Because you always need a calming indie-pop group singing about love, loss, and NYC in the mix!

7. I’m A Believer – Smash Mouth
Can you really call it a road trip if you don’t play Smash Mouth at least once? I think not. And clearly 10+ points for Shrek.

8. Bye Bye Bye – NSYNC
Every new adventure utterly requires needs a good nostalgia trip while you say “Bye Bye Bye” to your old life, and start a new at NYU!

9. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
The #1 classic road trip/good for any occasion sing-along song for the ages.

10.New York, New York – Frank Sinatra
Gotta end this on a high note with a Sinatra classic that resonates with parents, grandparents and new NYU students alike. If this doesn’t give you goosebumps and a rush of adrenaline, then you’re probably just lying. <3

Fill your trip to NYC with good vibes and great memories, and we’ll see you at the square!


  • Going to NY soon on vacation and scouting for Uni opportunities after I’m done with my international school education. I must admit, NSYNC sounds strange put next to Sinatra and Queen, you sure have a bit of an eclectic taste 🙂

  • Nice collection of inspirational and encouraging songs for the NYU students. Make your career dreams achievable. Thanks.

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