My Favorite NYU Student Perks

Welcome Class of 2021!! Now that you’ve finally finished the exhausting college admissions process and have committed to NYU, it’s time to talk about the ~fun stuff~. I’m sure you’re all super excited to finally make it to campus, move in to your residence hall, and start exploring New York. So here are some of my favorite perks about being a student in the Big Apple. This is, of course, not an exhaustive list of everything you can do with your NYU ID or as a student in the city…because there’s seriously a lot. 

A. Student Discounts

I wanna start with something real basic: get all the 10%, 15%, 20%, etc, discounts you can. It can be expensive to live in the city so saving money however possible is important.

Many restaurants in the campus/Greenwich Village area have discounts just for NYU students, like Space Market which is right by Weinstein Residence Hall or many of the restaurants down MacDougal Street (a student favorite for cheap eats!).

Also, I don’t know about you, but I love shopping in SoHo–the student discount just makes shopping that much more fun! Retail stores often have discounts, but might not advertise them – just ask an associate at the register!

IMPORTANT! Amazon Prime and Spotify both have discounted student rates (re: half price) if you have an .edu email, which all NYU students do. That means no-ad music listening and unlimited free two day shipping!! I find that these two discounts are the most useful for me personally–I have free reign over the entire Spotify library and my family can use my Amazon to get free shipping, so sweet deals.

Me, honestly running to get these sick discounts

B. Museum Gateway

Lovingly dubbed freeseums, NYU has agreements with 11 different museums so NYU students get free admission!!! Some of my favorites are the Museum of Modern Art (normally $25, yikes), the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Museum of the City of New York. Every museum in the city is so amazing, though. (I’m an Art History major, so I’m biased haha)

Other museums have discounted rates for students with ID as well…it’s not quite free but it’s still better than full price.

Tip: The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a bit of a confusing system, as it’s technically “Pay What You Will”. Meaning you can pay full price but you can also literally pay $1, which I do frequently as I’m at the Met several times a month for class/because it’s the best museum in the world.

Beautiful, tranquil, iconic…going to museums just to sit and relax is something you can do when you don’t have to worry about paying!

C. NYU Box Office

Of all the useful discounts you can get at the box office and through NYU Ticket Central, my favorite is by far the movie passes. Movie ticket prices vary so widely across the United States. Where I’m from, movies are $8, which I used to think was absurd…then I moved to New York. Movie tickets are upwards of $17. NYU students can get discounted passes (usually around $10) from the box office for Regal Cinemas, AMC/Loews, the Angelika and other City Cinemas.

If you save money on the ticket, maybe you can splurge to get the popcorn you know you want.


I hope some of these NYU benefits will prove useful when you arrive in the Fall!

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