Singing the Email Bounce Back Blues

Did you use your high school email address on the Common Application? Have you already lost access or are you about to lose access to that account?

Every year applicants, admitted students, and wait listed students miss out on critical information because they lose access to the school email address they used on the Common Application before the admissions process concludes. Students miss deadline reminders and opportunities while we’re singing the email bounce back blues in the office.

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Fixing this is as simple as emailing to provide us an updated email address. Be sure to include your full name and University ID (N########) so that we can find the correct record to update.

We reach out via the email on you application to students who accepted a place on the wait list for a variety of reasons:

  • Provide updates on wait list activity across the university
  • Gauge your interest in specific campuses, schools, or programs that have space (one day to respond)
  • Inform you that a new decision (ADMIT) is ready to view (less than a week to respond)

If we’re emailing an address that you no longer have access to you could miss out on your chance to come to NYU.

We also send reminders for deadlines to admitted students using the email address from your application until later in the summer when updates start sending to your NYU email address. The gap between when school ends and you start using your NYU email can lead to missing deadlines for applying for housing or mean you miss out on admitted student events or aren’t aware of a scholarship.


  • Hello,

    Is there a waitlist for transfer applicants? Would they be notified if placed on a waitlist? Today is the 17th of May. When is the last admission decision going to be sent out?


    • Transfer decisions are sent on a rolling basis throughout the spring and summer. Every term the transfer applicant pool and spaces available change for each program. We have used a wait list for transfer applicants in the past and may do so again this year as needed.

      Jasmine Solomon
      May 22, 2017

  • Hi, can you please tell us just roughly how many of the 325 extended spots have been filled now?

  • Hi Jasmine,

    It’s the 24th today. I’m going out of my mind wondering whether or not I’ll get in.
    Why are the decisions sent on a rolling basis when there was a deadline for applications? On what basis do you review applications? Is it first come, first served? I submitted my application by the deadline because I thought since there is a set deadline it wouldn’t matter whether I submitted it 3 weeks prior or 3 hours prior. Since it didn’t say it was a rolling basis application.

    A question on the waitlist, since today is the 24th do you know if there is a waitlist? If so, will the applicants placed on it be notified? You can imagine how anxious I am. I have to sort out whether or not I’ll be staying at my current school. What credits will transfer over. What to register for? Whether or not to take summer classes.

    Thanks in advance.

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