Wait List Update #1

Now that May 1 has passed, it appears that while we met our enrollment goal for the Class of 2021, we do have some capacity to accommodate additional offers of admission, with the understanding that not every student who has confirmed their intent to enroll thus far will actually join us this fall.

As a result, we will move forward with extending roughly 325 new offers of admission sometime on or after May 10. Students offered admission (and financial aid if applicable) will have 72 hours to respond to their offer of admission.

A few notes:

We will not have any space available at either NYU Abu Dhabi or NYU Shanghai. Our campuses there are entirely full and no additional offers of admission will be extended.

Similarly, we will not have any space in our School of Professional Studies or Global Liberal Studies Program. Both of those programs are now full as well.

Finally and most importantly, please do not send us any additional recommendations, emails, updates, or other materials regarding your space on the wait list. At this time, we can no longer consider any new information whatsoever. We have all the information we need to make our final selections. I will provide another update later this month. Thanks in advance for your patience.


  • Can you give us a rough estimate of how many people are on the waitlist?

    Inderpreet Singh
    May 3, 2017

  • When you say the School of Professional Studies is completely full does that mean for external transfers too?

    Raehaan Poonja
    May 4, 2017

  • Thank you! It’s considerate of you to keep us updated. I can’t wait!

    Alexis Mignogna
    May 4, 2017

  • In response to the questions above, roughly 15% of our applicant pool of more than 67,000 were offered spaces on our wait list. By May 1, roughly half of that 15% responded that they would like to remain on our wait list.

    The update above was with regard to first-year candidates for admission only. We still have plenty of offers of admission to extend for those students who have applied for transfer admission. We aim to have the vast majority of transfer admission decisions made by May 16 or very soon after.

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