#TASTEOFCAMPUS: The Best Bites In and Around NYU

Oh sweet NYC, home of perfectly chewy bagels, thin-crust pizza, and the classic black & white cookie. You may have anticipated being sensory-overloaded by Broadway and art museums, but you may not have considered just how much time, energy and $$$ NYU students like to dedicate to food. So if you’re a fun-loving (and by that I mean dessert-loving) foodie like myself, then you best prepare yourself for the culinary ride of your life over the next 4 years at NYU.  

Please find a selection of my favorite NYU/Village delectables below:


Behold. The HOLY GRAIL of New York Pizza (from the NYU perspective, that is). With two locations in the West Village and Union Square, most students tend to flock to the 14th street location, located just up the block from the Palladium gym and residence hall. This is the first place I take every guest when they come into the city. I used to wonder what made Joe’s so good. Was it the perfectly thin crust? The incredible toppings of fresh mozz and veggies? And then I realized that it was the sauce, that perfectly textured and tangy tomato sauce that makes this the slice of ALL slices. I send every hungry family to Joe’s after a campus tour, and trust me, this spot will be your best friend during those late nights out and about with your squad. #rundontwalk

Recommended Order: 1 Slice of Cheese, Please!


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I’m all about the ramen craze, and Japanese food in general, so when I found this spot conveniently located on the corner of University and Waverly, I waited for the perfect rainy day to go get a big bowl of noodles with some friends. The menu is huge and very vegan/vegetarian-friendly. They have tons of fun appetizers like dumplings and sushi to enhance your between-classes nosh. You can get your ramen with traditional pork and veggies, or add on some crazy toppings like fried chicken and spicy miso. It’s delicious, filling and actually very affordable, they offer a 15% discount to NYU students (as do many other restaurants around the area). #ramen #nomz

Recommended Order: Traditional Tonkatsu Ramen

things i'll miss in the city pt. 1: ramen

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  1. DO

I know you love cookie dough, and I know you’ve seen the bajillions of videos about this new #hotspot floating around the interweb. DO, an egg-free cookie dough spot, opened its first shop right behind NYU’s Kimmel Center just a few months ago. They scoop cookie dough like ICE CREAM people! Get it in a cup, in a cone, on an ice cream sandwich! Eat it by yourself, eat it with your family, eat it with your dog (chocolate-free)! The point is: it’s delicious and it’s a perfect example of some of the crazy NYC food trends that pop up all the time. Yes, the line might be 2 hours, but if you go for breakfast, maybe it won’t be?

Recommended Order: 2 scoops in a cone: Oatmeal M&M and Sweet N’ Salty.


NYC Bagels are not a craze, but a lifestyle that has spanned generations, reaching back to Jewish immigrants coming into the city from Eastern Europe. Because of this history, we have #amazing bagels on what feels like every single corner. You’ve got lots of options at these bagel spots. Egg & Cheese, plain shmear, or my personal favorite: LOX. This is where Russ & Daughter’s, a 100-year-old Jewish Deli comes in. They may not make their bagels, but their cream cheese and 11 different kinds of lox are house made and smoked daily. They have a sit-down restaurant around the corner if you’re looking for some classy versions of Jewish classics (babka french toast anyone?) but the deli is where it’s at. Grab a number, grab a bagel and go sit in the park across the street. On a beautiful day, there’s nothing better.

Recommended Order: Everything bagel toasted with Gaspe, scallion cream cheese, tomatoes, and capers. Babka on the side.


And finally, the moment you have all been waiting for, a definitive answer to the best food in NYU dining. The cookies at Lipton Hall’s Sustainability focused dining hall come right out of the ovens and right onto your plate. They are always warm, gooey and the perfect pick me up to a long day of classes. Are they the best cookie ever? Who knows. Do they only really taste good because they’re served warm? Perhaps. Do we love them anyways? Absolutely. Put Lipton as your first choice on the housing app, eat cookies forever.


Ohhhh but #haydencookies though… Much saccharine

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That’s all for now, kids. I hope these tips made your mouths water! Now all you have to do is finish up your semester, have a great summer and get ready for NYU. We’ll see you in the Fall for some good eatin’!

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