4 Reasons to Choose Engineering in Brooklyn

“Wait… the Engineering school is in Brooklyn?”

New York University was the only school I had applied to blindly without researching about the major or campus first. When the letter came in the mail and said I was offered admission, I was ecstatic… and then I saw that it was to the Polytechnic School of Engineering in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn? But I thought NYU was in Manhattan?


While I was hesitant at first, I accepted the offer and packed my bags for Brooklyn–and I’ve been in love with my college experience ever since. If you’re someone excited about coming to school in Brooklyn, here’s 4 reasons to get hyped even more. If you’re one who’s hesitant about school in Brooklyn, here’s 4 reasons to change your tune.


1) You’ll actually find a job after graduation.

Always start with the hard facts right? 89% of graduates receive job offers within the first 6 months after graduation and Engineering students have an average mid-career salary of $117,000.


2) You don’t have to walk much to get anywhere on campus. Because we’re all a little lazy right?

Surely you’ve heard about NYU’s non-traditional campus. If you’ve been on the tour in Manhattan, your Admissions Ambassador probably stopped and pointed out all of the NYU buildings around the plaza of Stern, or from the middle of Washington Square Park. In Brooklyn, the buildings are all located around Metrotech Commons in Downtown Brooklyn. The first year residence hall is even right there – talk about an easy commute.

Living on the Brooklyn campus means you’re literally steps away from virtually everything a college student needs on a daily basis. The Rogers/Jacobs academic building hosts most classrooms and lectures, a dining hall that’s open 7 days a week (with many allergen free options), an athletic workout facility with machines and free weights, a student health center, and the MakerSpace where students can take workshops to learn a variety of skills including 3D printing. Dibner is right next to the Rogers/Jacobs academic building and houses the library, the academic advising center, offices for special programs, and the one-stop-shop where you can go to fix any registration problems and cry to the financial aid representatives. If you’re looking for employment/internships on or off campus, the Wasserman Center for Career Development is directly across the Commons from the academic building. With everything so close, running to class is barely necessary because we all know…


3) You’ll have a squad tighter than Leslie and Co from Parks & Rec.

NYU has a unique community experience during your years in undergrad. Being at the School of Engineering is like being in a family. I’m far closer to the friends I’ve made at school because we have most of our classes together, we live close to each other, and we hang out and have fun. It’s nice to have classes in common with friends because you have more sources of help when the class work gets difficult. Also group studying for tests is a great study technique.


4) You’re still an NYU student with all the perks.

From going out for dinner in the East Village, to watching the sun rise over the city skyline at the Brooklyn Promenade, there are endless things to do in the city. Some students are put off by the thought of living in Brooklyn because they want to experience the Manhattan social life, but let’s not forget that it’s literally a subway ride away. With free shuttles that run between campuses Monday thru Friday, it’s not that hard to have a life in Manhattan as well. Engineering students have access to all of the athletic facilities, dining halls, upperclassmen residence halls, clubs, and other campus services provided in Manhattan. Whether it be joining a club or working at the square, there are various ways to get involved… It’s up to you just how involved you wish to be.


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