There’s No Right Way to “Do” the College Decision Process

When visiting colleges, students and parents alike always recall the feeling. As a student they simply knew, that when they stepped foot on campus, this was where they belonged. This was the place for them.

So as I toured schools the fall of my senior year, I searched for that feeling. Yet as I made my way down my college list, I didn’t seem to quite have it anywhere. Had I not been to the right place yet? What was wrong with me? I started doubting myself, wondering whether I would end up the right place. My college anxiety went bananas, and I was a nervous mess.

My college process was fairly backwards. I visited NYU, but thought it to be unattainable. But after applying on a whim, much to my surprise, I received an acceptance letter in April. As I started narrowing down where I could really see myself, I visited plenty of campuses–but I still didn’t have that “feeling” my older peers spoke of.

However when I attended NYU’s admitted student event, “Weekend on the Square”, the puzzle pieces slowly started coming together. I realized that actually, NYU had the perfect program for me, enabling me to pursue my passion as I reflect on how the current culture contrasts and complements communication. As LinkedIn’s top ranked school for media professionals, NYU’s “Media, Culture, and Communication” program seemed like the perfect fit. Studying in one of the world’s media capitals didn’t seem half bad either, as I could suddenly understand and apply the theory from class into exciting, hands-on opportunities.

Yet what was it that stopped me from having that feeling? I couldn’t let go of the fact that it had to be something that was wrong with me. I was the one at fault for not having a gut-feel to follow, right?


Fast forward to today, and I could not be more excited about the community that I’ve joined. Not only did I find a global community that enabled me to find international peers like myself, I was also able to easily feed my fascination through the plethora of study away opportunities. I had found a group of driven, passionate people that have helped me make NYU my home.

At the end of the day, the feeling I never had before coming to NYU translates into every day that I spend on campus; my happiness only confirming that there really is no right way to decide how or why you want to end up at college.

Just know that everything happens for a reason. Until then, good luck. You got this!



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