Luck and Friendship

Let’s talk about serendipity. Serendipity is:

  • a) a fairly well-known movie with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale that takes place partially in…
  • b) the restaurant Serendipity 3, an NYC landmark I highly recommend, and
  • c) an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident (thx

Omg look at them, falling in love over gloves.


You might be wondering, though, what does this have to do with coming to college?

Flashback to three and a half years ago: Little me, fresh from Wichita, Kansas, and I know nobody. When you grow up having known your closest friends for almost your entire life, you actually kind of forget how to make friends. Do you just hang out with someone repeatedly until you achieve that comfortable familiarity? Or do you just click with somebody right away? How even???


There’s a bit of a phenomenon, which I’m sure is common at other schools, where your first week you are really, really trying to make friends. So you hang out with people, go to all the fun Welcome Week events together, and hope you’ve met people you’ll be friends with for the rest of college. For many, this turns out to be true. For others, like me, you’ll never speak to these people again, lol.


All of this is to say that Halloween rolled around and I still hadn’t made more than a couple friends. Two of those friends and I decided to go over to a friend’s friend’s dorm room to meet up before going out to eat. Turns out the same thing happened with my current best friends (who I will call R & K because we’re Gossip Girl, alright?); each of them came because a friend of theirs knew another friend and so on. So the three of us were drawn in from three different directions, then ended up in a conversation over pasta that continued in Brittany Hall (my first year residence hall) until 2 am. Cut to the next year and we’re all celebrating K’s birthday at Serendipity 3; full circle y’all.

Isn’t it beautiful…seriously….go there. Get the frozen hot chocolate at least once.

Meeting my BFFs that night is my favorite story to tell about NYU because it’s so indicative of my experience here. DO NOT worry if you aren’t immediately best friends with your roommate. It can take some time to find the people you can be yourself around–people who you will (hopefully) be friends with for the rest of your life. But you do have to put yourself out there which, for the introvert in many of us, can be super scary. I could have easily stayed home that Halloween, but then I never would have met my best friends in an act of pure serendipity. The accidental magic of New York is too real, I can confirm.

R, K, and I on the Met rooftop…another highly recommended place to visit.

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