Why It’s Okay to Change Majors at NYU

When I came to NYU, I had a 10 year, foolproof, 5 step plan.

  1. Major in Computer Science and get a 4.0.
  2. Intern at all the top tech companies.
  3. Graduate.
  4. Work as a Software Engineer at Google.
  5. Get married.


That’s how I always pictured my life would go.


But all of that changed when I came to NYU. You might come to NYU knowing 100% what you want to do with your life (just like me). But then suddenly, one day, you might find yourself completely questioning everything you thought you knew. I know I did.

By the end of my first semester, I found myself scraping at the bottom of the barrel–running from study group, to tutoring, and back again–just trying to fill my brain with as much information as I possibly could. Unfortunately for me, the amount of time I put into my work didn’t necessarily translate to the grades I wanted. When winter break rolled around, I had to rethink my entire “foolproof plan”–I thought, maybe my heart just wasn’t in the work as much as I would have liked.


With this, I ripped the bandage off and switched majors.



I am now an Integrated Digital Media Major (Combination of Computer Science, Film, Design and Audio Engineering) @ the Tandon School of Engineering. Changing majors was a HUGE deal for me, and although I was practically having a meltdown disassembling my 10 year plan, I found that I can still reach my goals while creating new ones with my new major. A year later, I have found a love for UI/UX Design… some might even say I have a new lease on life. I can still be an engineer, but I can now do it with a broader skill set!


So don’t fret. Just follow this new and improved “foolproof plan” if you’re thinking about switching majors:


New Major Who This?


1. Don’t doubt yourself

You will have days where you will second guess your new major and question the choices you’ve made, but know that it will all be okay. Ignore the negative thoughts and focus on the positive changes you’ve made and the clearer path you’re on.


2. NYU has thousands more opportunities than there ever were at your high school.

No matter what major you choose, NYU has thousands of opportunities from research to internships (@ the Wasserman Center for Career Development), all ready for the taking. You can get involved and try out for so many different activities that you are sure to find something you’ll love. Go out and meet new people with common interests/majors and take notes; everyone at NYU has such a unique perspective, that you’ll always want to learn more. Be ready to try these new opportunities because you never know what doors they could open. Maybe you’ll find you passion at the NYU Cheese Club or the East Asian Literature Society…who knows ’til you try!


3. You’re getting to know yourself.

When you are able to look deep within yourself and find what you are truly passionate about, you’ve just unlocked a new level within your own understanding. Your time at NYU will be all about learning what you like and who you are in and out of class. This is the time to get informed, define yourself and answer your calling.
College is supposed to be a transformative experience, so you should embrace these changes while accepting the happiness that comes along. NYU will give you the tools you need to better your life–and what you do with it, is up to you. When you head back home for the summer you might find that you are not the same person. You will have new emboldened ideas, goals and priorities, and that is okay. It’s just a sign that you’re growing as a person and that your time at NYU is paying off.


Always remember that college is a journey, not a destination. Major in what you want, not what you think you should be majoring in. College is about what you make of it, so pursue what makes you happy and NYU will be right there to help you THRIVE. These will be the most rewarding years of your life so make those memories count, learn all that you can, and live everyday knowing that you are going to one of the best colleges in the world, in one of the most unique cities in the world.

College is all about you and your future. Challenge yourself and find out who you are…even if that means changing your major a few times. It’s all in the journey.


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