What Will Your Day One Look Like?

So, I was 1 of 52,000…

Honestly, I never knew how good of a school NYU was before I applied; in fact, I had forgotten I applied to NYU to begin with when I received my acceptance email. You see, I had applied to eighteen schools, but I never thought that I would be heading to New York for college. All I knew was that I so badly wanted to escape from the suburbs of Illinois. So, NYU came into my radar from a simple Google search of, “traditional nursing program New York City.” Back then, little did I know the caliber of the institution I was applying to, but ever since I received that acceptance email, my life has been changed for the better.

In the NYU Class of 2018 preliminary report, there are several record-breaking statistics such as number of applications and diversity of students enrolled, but the most significant to me was that I was 1 of 52,000 students who applied, and moreover, that I was 1 of 6,000 students who had accepted and confirmed to enroll.

However, the biggest question I had for myself was, “How am I going to make my mark?” Well, I took my first step when I was accepted to Project OutReach, a competitive volunteer program. I was told that over a thousand students applied for only 100 spots, and I was fortunate to be one of the lucky few.

And so, my adventure started when I moved in a week early for the program, and on my Day One, I’ll never forget the first sight of NYU I ever laid my eyes upon. It was the first morning we met as a group on the 7th floor of Kimmel, one of NYU’s main buildings. There’s this view that everyone Instagrams, one that overlooks Washington Square Park and stares down 5th Avenue for miles. It was then that I knew I had made it. Never before had I felt so fulfilled, so excited, and so hopeful in my entire life.

From there, everything seemed to only go uphill. I campaigned for president of my residence hall’s student council, and I won. Shortly thereafter, I applied to be an Admissions Ambassador, and well, here I am. Three years later, and I still feel like I am continuing to make my mark, widening and deepening that groove I have thus far made. I have represented NYU at various conferences and interstate recruitment events. I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain for six months. And, just two weeks ago, I returned from an inaugural trip to Israel known as the NYU Campus Influencers Seminar.


Apart from my extensive travels, I’ve danced on a boat along the Hudson River, been to the famous pop-up Museum of Ice Cream, and eaten the most delectable foods I could ever imagine. To say the least, life has been nothing short of surreal since coming to NYU, and it all started on my Day One on the 7th floor of Kimmel.

So, whatever your number is, you’ll make your mark, and you’ll live an incredible life while doing so. I was 1 of 52,000, and I’ve never looked back since my Day One.

So, what will your Day One look like?

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  • Thanks for this information. My son recently applied but has yet to hear back. Do you know if this is normal and when he should expect a response? It’s already mid-February.

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