Playlist: 10 Songs that Sum Up My 1st Semester

If you’re anything like me, you spend most of your waking hours accompanied by music from your Spotify playlists: playlists that soundtrack every mood, every season, every setting. These playlists somehow are a record of my feelings and growth through time. Traversing back into my music choices of past months tells me more about how I felt and how I fared than any journal entry ever could.

My first semester at NYU was by far one of the most exciting but also emotional roller coasters of my life, from leaving the comfort of home, to interacting with unique friends from around the world, to falling in love with the wonders of New York, to having major epiphanies in classes and rehearsals. Looking back into my playlists of this pivotal time of my life, I found the songs were not just great jams, but summed up my first semester perfectly.

  1. Goodbye, Who Is Fancy – A perfect upbeat but sad tune that reflected my reluctance to leave home in Cali, but my excitement for what lay ahead.
  2. Talk is Cheap, Chet Faker – I made it to school! Tisch hosts an annual Underground Party for first years during Welcome Week, where they invite the a cappella groups to perform. I remember the first time I felt at home was listening to the N’Harmonics sing this groovy song on stage, while I sang along with my fellow dance majors I had just met. Frankly, the song was stuck in my head for the rest of the semester, and I hope the moment of feeling at home sticks with me for even longer.
  3. Bennie and the Jets, Miguel, Wale – “Oh they’re weird and they’re wonderful,” sings Miguel in this tune. The first week consisted of a lot of chatter, a lot of personalities, and a lot of special people. I realized everyone was boldly themselves, and it inspired me to be truer to myself as well. The people at NYU are truly beyond compare.
  4. Breathe Life, Jack Garratt – Classes have started, and it’s certainly not as exciting as Welcome Week… but, I absolutely love them. So often in class, I got these epiphanies that would strike me the same way the chorus strikes in this song. It was amazing to learn and grow as much as I did in classes.
  5. Windowdipper, Jib Kipper – The semester is rolling along and it’s already time for the first student showing in the dance department. One quirky classmate of mine choreographed a piece to this crazy song, and it was unforgettable. I realized then that I’m surrounded by such unique, inspiring people.
  6. Easy Love, Sigala – It’s been some time, and I’ve adjusted to the unique life of living and learning in the city. I reflect and know that I am where I am supposed to be. Falling in love with NYU was so easy for me.
  7. Glacier, James Vincent McMorrow – My first snow. Beautiful, but cold. Then, slushy. That’s it.
  8. Hotline Bling, Drake – Final projects are rolling in, and I decide to do a presentation in my anatomy class on the gluteal muscles by changing the lyrics of this song, and teaching a dance that shows the muscles clearly to the class. It was poppin’.
  9. Dopamine, BORNS – FINALS SEASON is here, and I’m studying nonstop in the Lounge of Kimmel Center for University Life that overlooked the Washington Square Park. Tunes and energy keeps me going through my first round of finals.
  10. When Will I See You Again, Shakka – I’ve made it to the end, and though I’m excited to go back to California, I’m only wondering when I can see my friends, my campus, my home at NYU again.

I’d relive my first semester over again if I could to experience all of the great memories I made. But where I am now, I know that I’ve grown so much, and I am proud to be creating richer and greater memories (and playlists) since that wonderful first semester.

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