5 Things To Do After You Apply To NYU

My colleague Jasmine gave some on-point tips in her recent blog post about how to confirm your application is received and complete. And you did! Everything has been signed, sealed, delivered!

So….now what? What do you do between now and April 1st (or for our EDII applicants, February 15th)?

I’ve got five ideas.

1. CHECK YOUR APPLICATION STATUS. Jasmine’s previous post about how to check your admissions decision outlines the same steps to check and see if any of your documents have not been received by our office. If you submitted an item and it still says ‘incomplete,’ please be patient, as it takes several days to receive and upload said item. If it’s been an appropriate amount of time and Albert is still not updated, give our office a call, or email us at admissions@nyu.edu with your name and N#. 

2. APPLY FOR FINANCIAL AID. This is so, so, so critical to any and all applicants for all three of our campuses. The forms will vary by campus and citizenship, so be sure to check our website for deadlines and instructions to apply. We also made a handy video to break down the process for you!

Let it be known that the Office of Undergraduate Admissions is completely separate from the Office of Financial Aid. We at Admissions cannot check on the status of your CSS/Profile or FAFSA, just as Financial Aid cannot check if your transcript was submitted. So send questions and queries to the respective offices.

3. APPLY FOR EXTERNAL SCHOLARSHIPS. There are literally BILLIONS of dollars of scholarships out there that high school students can apply to and take with them to nearly any institution to which they’re admitted. IT’S FREE MONEY, PEOPLE.

Are you a 5’10” female or  6’2″ male? There’s a scholarship for you through the Tall Club. Vegetarian? There’s a scholarship for that. Walking Dead fan? There’s a scholarship for the Zombie Apocalypse. Find hundreds of thousands more on websites like FastWeb, College Greenlight, and UniGo, among so many others. Search in Google for scholarships related to your home state, ethnic/cultural background, or hobbies (I deeply regret not applying to the Play!Pokemon scholarship in high school).

4. SAY THANK YOU. Now’s the time to show some appreciation for your teachers, high school counselor, parents, and any others who helped you with your college application process. Be it by stationery, thank you cards, sweets and treats (you can’t go wrong with candy…), or a simple email, saying thank you to the adults who wrote you letters of recommendation or who advised you in any way goes a LONG way.

5. STAY IN SCHOOL. Every year, there’s a pandemic that sweeps the nation, and no doctor, prescription, or antibacterial can cure it.

Yep, senioritis is contagious and dangerous.

You may have sent your applications in, and maybe have even heard back from schools or committed to a college. But, NOW’S NOT THE TIME TO CHECK OUT. Continue to do well in your classes and activities. Study for those final examinations and keep yourself engaged and focused in your day-to-day. Every year, there are a handful of students to whom we’ve offered admission that drop the ball in the final grading period(s), and whose spots in the class we have to reevaluate. Don’t be that person.

That’s it for now. Sit tight, study up, and keep living your best life!


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