5 Last Minute Reminders For Early Decision Applicants

As our Early Decision I deadline approaches on November 1, here are 5 last minute reminders about our admission process:

  1. We’re happy to consider you for multiple schools, colleges, programs, and campuses within NYU’s global network if you select such options on the Common Application, but if you have alternate areas of interest beyond your primary area of interest, we really hope to learn more about any and all of your interests in your response to our “Why NYU?” essay. Just checking school, college, program, campus boxes on the Common Application likely won’t be terribly compelling to our admission committees. Take the time to elaborate on your interest if you genuinely want us to consider you for more than one option. Here are some more recommendations on expressing an interest in more than one option at NYU.
  2. Our admission officers only have the capacity to read a letter of recommendation from your college counselor or school official, one teacher, and one additional person in your life (and the latter is very much optional). Regrettably we cannot read more than the above so we respectfully ask that you do not submit more than the above. If you do submit more, we will read only the first 3 recommendations letters we open (which may not be the first ones you want us to read!) and no more.
  3. Unless you are an applicant to the Tisch School of the Arts or an artistic program in the Steinhardt School, please do not send us any supplementary materials (e.g. photos, writing samples, press clippings, extracurricular award certificates/honors, drawings, etc.) with your application. Our admission officers will never see such additions and it pains us to discard these materials every year.
  4. While we will consider whatever scores we have on file for you regardless of when they arrive during our process, we cannot promise to wait for any test scores that have not arrived by our deadline. In order to notify all Early Decision I applicants of their admission decision on December 15, we must begin reviewing applications in very early November and cannot wait for new scores that arrive after November 1. This means that if you have only taken the SAT in October, for example, we may not receive your October scores before we need to make a decision on your application. Read more about our process for reviewing scores across multiple tests and dates here.
  5. Don’t forget our financial aid deadlines if you wanted to be considered for our scholarships. Early Decision students who hope to receive a scholarship at the time of admission on December 15 must submit a CSS Financial Aid PROFILE (and a Noncustodial Parent PROFILE or waiver request if applicable) by November 15. And U.S. citizens and permanent residents applying to our campuses in New York and Shanghai must also submit a FAFSA by the same date.

We look forward to reading more about you!


  • NYU is a honorable institution, deserving respect and admiration only. I hope you will find exactly the pupils to match your criteria and bring good qualification, enthusiasm and energy with them.Have a successful and prosperous academic year!

  • Hi there! I applied as a transfer student to Steinhardt and I’m essentially freaking out. I desperately want to get into NYU and haven’t really been able to find much online in terms of what my chances are, so I basically have been obsessively checking my email waiting to hear something. Do you have any predictions as to when transfer admissions decisions will be released?

    Abigail McCabe
    November 3, 2016

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