10 Signs You’re Ready for NYU

10) You accidentally wore your NYU sweatshirt to school every day for a week

Ever since you bought your sweatshirt after your campus tour, you’ve been proudly sporting the purple. No shame in loving NYU, just don’t forget to wash your hoodie every once in a while!

9) You found at least 3 restaurants near campus that you’re dying to try

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With the help of the Yelp app you recently downloaded to your phone, you’ve been able to discover all the best eats around NYU and NYC. While you know you won’t have any trouble finding food using your meal plan and the dining halls, who can resist a good meal from a famous NYC restaurant every once in a while?

8) You’ve started referring to yourself as a New Yorker

nyc everyone same walks

Pretty much ever since you applied to NYU you’ve been practicing the art of speed-walking and shoving bagels and lox down your throat. In your mind, you’re practically already a New Yorker…

7) Your packing list is complete

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It may not even be summer, and you may still have finals and AP exams to study for, but that hasn’t stopped you from imagining what living at NYU will be like. Maybe you’ve gone through all the Bed, Bath, and Beyond lists or you’ve spoken to a college-aged friend. You know that you should be providing your own sheets but are pumped that you don’t necessarily have to pack shower shoes (Yay no communal bathrooms at NYU!).

6) You already consider your roommate your best friend…even though you don’t know them yet

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The roommate process for first year students at NYU is random, relying solely on a personal questionnaire and geographical diversity. But that hasn’t stopped you from daydreaming about all of the fun things you and your new roomie will do around the city!

5) You mapped out multiple walking paths to and from your residence hall and campus

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If you’re anything like I was, a prospective NYU student coming from somewhere other than New York, Google Maps is your best friend. You memorized the address of your favorite residence hall and know that from there it takes exactly 6 minutes to get to your first class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Next you’ll be figuring out the quickest walk to a nearby coffee shop…

4) You’re already planning your study abroad trip

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NYU offers more students the opportunity to study away than any other university, so you’re thankful to have a reason to travel endlessly during a chosen semester. With college adventures on your mind, you’ve already read through all of the course offerings at our away sites and planned out your trip for sophomore year– why wait? You might even be lucky enough to be spending your freshman year abroad through the Liberal Studies Program, in which case you’ve probably mapped out which neighboring countries you’ll be visiting during your first year.

3) You’ve attempted to understand the subway system at least twice

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As an NYU student, you expect that you will frequent the subway to get you all around the city. Navigating the subway can be a little challenging at first, but you know that you’ll be a professional in no time!

2) You’ve planned out a tentative class schedule for your intended major

You understand it’s a little early to be thinking of the classes you want to take as a freshman, but you can’t help it. Your whole year is planned out, from the core classes you’ll fulfill to a fun elective. And you even checked Rate My Professor to make sure you’re getting the best professors fit for your personality!

1) You’re ready for new experiences and new challenges

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Most importantly, you’re ready for the journey that is NYU. You know that there might be some challenges leaving home and moving to a new city, but you are confident that NYU is the right place for you. You look forward to meeting people from all around the world, gaining free access to famous NYC spots just because you’re an NYU student, and learning from world-renowned professors.

Hope to see you soon…

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