Wait List Update 1

Earlier today, we notified between 35-40 students who applied to the Tisch School of the Arts and Meyers College of Nursing that we could offer them admission. Those students were alerted to check their NYU Albert account online to view their admission decision and to confirm their enrollment at NYU.

At this point, it still too early to tell if we will have additional spaces. I will provide an update on this blog as the spring progresses into summer but a few updates now:

  1. If your interest in NYU is burning, the best way to advocate for yourself is to provide whatever information you want us to consider on our wait list response form, which has ample space to express your interest in NYU and to add any additional information you want us to consider.
  2. We strongly discourage against submitting ANY new materials and/or recommendations. So many students send us emails and letters expressing their interest in NYU when, in fact, the wait list response form above is the only additional item we review (along with one’s application materials) when determining who to admit from the wait list. Of course, if admitted, we will also want to review your final transcript.
  3. Before emailing or calling with questions about how our wait list works, please review our wait list FAQ here. Roughly 10-15% of our applicant pool was offered a space on our wait list. By May 1, we expect fewer than half of these students will agree to be on our wait list. We will then re-evaluate those candidates in the event any space is available in our freshman class. The wait list is not ranked and we cannot predict how many students will eventually be offered admission. The number has ranged from 0 to 500+ in recent years.
  4. For some programs, we have exhausted NYU scholarships and we may need to be “need-aware” in making decisions about who to admit from the wait list.
  5. Out of fairness to all, we do not set up appointments with students on the wait list. Again, instead of visiting or sending new materials, please make use of our wait list response form above.

We know that it can and will be frustrating to wait for us. A waiting list can feel like purgatory. You haven’t been admitted. You haven’t been denied. The wait can sometimes be unbearable. Patience will be essential.

If we have space in any of our programs on any of our campuses, we will do everything possible to consider you until the very end. But the end may be as late as August 1.

August 1?! Yes, August 1. While there is absolutely no expectation that you wait for us until August 1, it may, in fact, take through the months of May, June, and July for us to know if any space will materialize. You can remove your name from our wait list at any time and we would encourage you to do so at any point by emailing admissions.ops@nyu.edu. We only want you to remain on the waiting list for as long as you have interest in NYU.

We wish you the best with your options for next year and we will be in touch as soon as possible.





  • Hello
    Thank you for this helpful notification. This article is about freshmen admissions and I was wondering if this article applies to the transfer admissions process as well

  • Is this information for undergraduate only or graduate including? Thanks!

  • I am a graduate applicant, and I can’t find where to download the waitlist response form.

  • Are there any spots in CAS still open?

    Kristin Fleming
    May 2, 2016

  • Thanks so much for the update! Being placed on the waitlist and continuing to wait for a further decision, I know I will still have a wonderful college experience at another college as you suggested in your previous blog. But, already being convinced that “there is no other university in the world quite like NYU”, I am just so curious that how NYU is going to change my life and energize me so differently as a young man. I don’t just want to imagine it. I want to live it! For this reason, I will be among those who firmly choose to stay on the waitlist, gathering the courage to take an rejection later. I am a soccer player. I know at one game I will always strive for the best, and then I will have no regret after, even if it is a defeat. So, thanks and I look forward to more update!

    Jinghong Xu
    May 2, 2016

  • What is the response date for those students offered admissions from the wait list?

    May 2, 2016

  • Little more prompt response would truely appreciated. In the end, they are just young students. -a parent-

  • Dear Shawn, my daughter applied from Dubai as an undergraduate for NYU Stern School of Business. We did formally send online wait list request and followed up with a Letter of Enthusiasm with fresh updates and level of interest. However, we have no way to know if Stern wait lists are opening up and students have been accepted. Thank you so much .Regards, Mrs. Shewakramani

    Rachna Shewakramani
    May 7, 2016

  • Hello, I applied to NYU TISCH for fall semester as a transfer and I still haven’t gotten anything from you guys. When do you guys start sending out letters to the transfer students?

    Santa Aquino
    May 10, 2016

  • Dear Admission Officers,

    Before entering the university, I have made several plans and have accomplished the most meaningful one recently. I kept myself motivated and progressing that I’d like to share with you.

    The magazine I worked on with my schoolmates is finally under print last week on April 29th. Our frame aims to motivate younger students who have dreams to study abroad with the experience we accumulated and the tasks we accomplished during the whole application season from tests-taking to essay-writing. We even have a bigger heart to following-up after we arrive at the States with individual columns and anecdote studying abroad.

    Within one week, we reached 5,000 views on Wechat—a Chinese social media platform, and received more than 1000 orders on the paper version. The number is still increasing and I do take it as a big step forward considering the current trend that people are willing to buy an actual magazine. On May 17th, a lecture we started to plan this week is on her way at the Student Hall of High school affiliated to Nanjing Normal University —my High School. Many talented students and excellent predecessors are invited to make speeches while thousands of invitation letters are sent. I believe both the magazine and the lecture are ways that I can inspire others to chase their dreams as I and my friends did during the last years. What is more, I am very blessed that I can still serve and contribute to my high school after my graduation.

    I love NYU so much since I got to know it, so I hope my ideas and my programs can be brought to a larger scale in this school as well. If there is any chance that I can be admitted off the waitlist, I promise I will ATTEND and bring more new ideas and create wonders for you.

    Looking forward to any response,
    Best Wishes,​


    Nan Yang
    May 10, 2016

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