4 Apps That Make Living in NYC Easy for any Student!

Living in a big city can be overwhelming sometimes, especially when you’re lost in the middle of ‘nowhere’ and don’t know how to get around. Although everyone around is friendly and always willing to help, sometimes relying on your phone isn’t a bad idea! During my freshman year of university, there were 5 applications that I relied on for survival (okay, not survival).






You know when you come back after a tiring day, and all you want to do is cozy up in your bed with some hot tea, and Netflix? And just then, your rumbling stomach decides to ruin your entire plan and all you can think about is that delicious pizza that you walked past on your way home? Well, that’s what Seamless is for! As you may already know, I’m a fan of exotic and authentic dining, and seamless makes it possible for me to do order that delicious meal in the comfort of my residence. (Also, the app was developed by one of our NYU Alums with the help of the Leslie eLAB!)






This is the most ideal application to use when you’re in the middle of the city and you wish to commute to a particular location using public transport. Embark NYC is always up to date with the public transportation schedule, and will provide the easiest train, bus and walking route for you to reach your destination. If you know the station names, you can also access the application offline (It’s helpful especially when you’re underground in the train station and do not have access to an internet connection).






TodayTix is the best way to catch Broadway shows at a cheap rate. The app updates everyday with new offers for tickets, at low prices. I watched Phantom of the Opera and A View From the Bridge at totally affordable costs, thanks to TodayTix! It’s amazing for theatre students (you can watch shows without living the broke college student life all the time), but also for people who generally enjoy watching theatre performances.



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What happens when you’re out with friends and you need to pay them for something they bought you? Well, you don’t have to worry about going to an ATM to draw money anymore, because Venmo is the best way to transfer funds virtually between friends! You can also get a cash conversation going, by sending messages and reminders for payments between each other. It makes splitting the checks during dinner easier as well!

Living in NYC may sound intimidating for some, but with these apps, and tons of others, it’s never been easier!


      • Hi, Karishma, my daughter has been accepted in NYU for Fall 2016 and I am visiting NY on the 20 th and 21 st of April. Would it be possible to meet you when I am there?

        Chitra.S Jain
        April 11, 2016

        • Hello! Congratulations to your daughter on being offered admission! I’m sure she is super excited, as are you! Yes, it would be lovely to meet and connect. There are other admissions ambassadors at the welcome center (50 West 4th Street) who are always willing to meet and answer any questions you might have, but I would also love to meet with you and your daughter in person!

          Karishma Bhagani
          April 13, 2016

  • Hey Karishma, you didn’t mentioned about your 5 applications..
    “During my freshman year of university, there were 5 applications”
    Well, even I am also using these apps but I would like to add one more i.e. Uber App. Uber has really offered me ease to reach on my destinations easily, safely and on time.

    • Hey!
      Yes, the applications that I wrote about are the five that revolutionised freshman year for me in the city! Great to hear from you about the apps you love 🙂

      Karishma Bhagani
      April 10, 2016

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