An Empire State of Mind

2016-02-18 22.22.33

There are so many wonderful things about living in New York City! As Jay Z and Alicia Keys suggest in their song, the lights will inspire you! Being a student in a city that never sleeps, as part of one of the most prestigious universities that is ‘in and of the city’ makes the entire experience more rewarding and memorable.

Often times I don’t feel like a student when I walk out of my residence hall; the Washington square park is the central point of NYU’s campus (where most of the academic/residential buildings are), and it is a great place to interact with other students, professors and people living in the city. One of my favorite things about being around Washington Square Park, are the mesmerizing views of the Empire State Building, the World Trade Center and the Washington square arch. During your time here in New York City, you are guaranteed to take all sorts of different, creative images with sometimes common and other times unusual views of the Empire State. However, my favorite photo to capture of the Empire State is the view we have from the park area, with the arch in the foreground. It is especially beautiful during the nighttime, when all the lights are shining bright (like a diamond! – Rihanna reference J) and the Empire State is lit up using different colors. It’s a beautiful sight to see and makes for a nice color guessing game with your friends!

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