Oh the Places You’ll Go While at NYU

When I came to NYU, I was excited to be living in New York City. Coming from Georgia, the city was my own adventure in itself. During my first year here, I took advantage of  different places in a relatively close proximity to my residence hall. I enjoyed trips to the Met, dinners in Chinatown, and desserts in Little Italy. During these experiences, I thought I was learning what it meant to become a “true” New Yorker.

But since returning in the fall, I made a promise to myself that I would use this year to travel more, in whatever sense that may mean. I’m not studying abroad, so I wanted to designate this year to getting to know New York state, New England, and even North America in general.

Last semester, I took things slow. My most notable trip was on the Staten Island Ferry, over to Staten Island. While I have several friends who call Staten Island home, I never made the trip over there. Just in the short ride, I was surprised by such beautiful scenery. I wish I had taken advantage of something so easy and accessible sooner than my sophomore year.

This semester, I decided to kick things up a notch. One of my roommates is from Rhode Island, so this past weekend two of my roommates and I took a train (my first train ride ever!!) to her hometown, where we stayed with her family for the long weekend. During this time, the three of us also ventured over to Boston and Cambridge, where I got to visit my best friend from middle school at Harvard, as well as receive a tour of the very fashionable Newbury Street. Between the opportunity to  explore new cities and being able to sleep in a real house for a weekend, it’s safe to say that the culmination of the trip came too soon!


This weekend, my roommate and I are taking a bus to Washington, D.C. A friend of mine from high school lives in an apartment right around the corner from the White House so there will be lots of opportunities to sightsee! I’m looking forward to not only seeing a different city for a weekend, but also catching up with an old friend!

I’ve continued to brainstorm more ideas for travelling throughout the rest of the semester. So far, I hope to have the chance to take a rental car to the town in Connecticut off of which one of my favorite shows, Gilmore Girls, was based. Additionally, I am in the process of convincing my friends to go with me to Canada for Spring Break!

To some, these weekend trips may seem too short or not extravagant enough. For me, on the other hand, I value any and all travel opportunities and look forward to many more!

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