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For someone looking for a career in the arts, college auditions are arguably the most important audition in your life, or at least it feels that way when you are a senior in High School. I auditioned at several schools my senior year of High School and began preparing for those auditions about a year prior. This week I was giving tours of NYU and had several applicants on my tour who had their auditions for Tisch and Steinhardt later that day. There was some advice that I had received when I was in high school and advice that I shared with those applicants.

It is okay that you are not perfect. It is absolutely fine that you are not ready to be performing on Broadway tomorrow. NYU or any university is not looking to admit students who are already completely perfect. NYU is looking to select students who show potential, who will grow and by the end of the program be ready to perform on Broadway, in Carnegie Hall, The Met Opera, or even in the classroom. It is so important to try your hardest and be prepared. The professors you will be auditioning for only want to see someone who is talented, prepared, and has a lot of passion.

Something that I found with NYU is that this is a university built on passion. Whether you are applying to the Stern School of Business or the College of Arts and Science NYU likes to see applicants who are passionate about what they want to study. Even students applying to the Liberal Arts Program who haven’t found their passion yet should be passionate about coming to New York City and studying here (or Shanghai or Abu Dhabi if you are applying to those campuses). I will say it again NYU is a university built upon passion and I think that is something that professors and admission counselors like to see in students.

You might be thinking, well I like a certain major, but I am only seventeen how do I know if I am really passionate about it/want to pursue this for the rest of my life. Well when I auditioned for NYU I was auditioning for the Steinhardt Music Education program the audition was followed by an interview with the director of the program. I remember saying that I wasn’t sure if teaching was absolutely positively the thing I wanted to do the rest of my life, I mean I was still in High School, but I was passionate about music. I knew whatever I did in the future was going to involve music. So what I am trying to say is that while NYU is built upon passion it doesn’t mean you need to have your whole life figured out when you are applying.

I wish I could say college auditions are fun don’t be nervous, but it is something that is important and you are going to be nervous. I challenge you to think about this audition as a chance for you to perform. For artist so many times we are in the ensemble, loving every minute because we are performing, but we spend a lot of time working towards getting those solos and this audition is a chance for you to have sometime in the spotlight. The people watching your audition are praying that the next Lady Gaga is going to walk through that door, they are rooting for you. So again be prepared, be passionate, and know that between your family, friends, and the staff here at NYU literally everyone is rooting for you. Have a great audition!


  • Hello, my name is Alexandria Udenkwo. I would liked to say thank you for writing this blog. As a 15 year old in high school I get freaked out about being rejected and not being perfect. But what really scares me is not being able to show me in an audition. I’m scared of being seen as a robot or some stupid girl trying to be something she’s not, instead of being seen as having an actual personality judges will see as unique and useful. So in short my question is, is when you are in that audition room, how do you show you are human?

    Alexandria Udenkwo
    January 27, 2016

    • I think it is important to remember to be yourself. To do that I would say keep in mind some of the things I mentioned about knowing the judges are rooting for you or being prepared. If you walk into an audition and you are prepared and confident it is much easier to be relaxed and act yourself. Again I just want to say that it is okay to not be perfect, especially in college auditions. Colleges know you won’t be perfect and they are not expecting you to be. As for rejection just remember that no one is looking to reject you. Anyone holding an audition is praying that you will walk in and be perfect for the part so just keep that in mind when going into auditions.

      Jacob Friedman
      February 1, 2016

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