Dwelling on Dreams

I’ve always been a sucker for nostalgia. I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time reminiscing over old pictures on my computer. So when Facebook added that feature where they show you your Facebook activity in the past on that same day, I was extremely excited. I was expecting to see posts that were ridiculous and embarrassing, which is why this post was kind of a wild card:


Let me just say that, for the record, I don’t hate Miami. As any of my friends can tell you, I’ve probably got a little too much love for the 305. Reading the post, however, made me remember that in that moment, there was nothing I wanted more than to one day move to New York so I wouldn’t keep missing out on all these opportunities to meet all these incredible people and see all these fascinating things.

Although I never let go of that dream, it managed to slip quietly to the back burner. Throughout high school, I never had a dream school or a firm top choice, though I know now, after spending a year and a half here, that I definitely wouldn’t be this happy anywhere else. That’s why reading this post, four years later, was a little unsettling for me. Here I am, fulfilling this dream that I had almost forgotten about, and having the time of my life. I’ve always done my best not to dwell on the past, but sometimes, it’s nice to have these little moments.

(And for anyone who’s curious to know: I did end up seeing Darren Criss on Broadway last May in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.” It was a wonderful experience. I cried. Twice.)


  • Hi Vanessa,

    I was just browsing through NYU’s website when I stumbled upon your blog post and let me tell you that I had a smile on my face throughout your entire story! I am currently a high school senior and am applying to NYU. Just like you, I’ve always wanted to move to New York City and seeing that NYU is smack dab in the middle of the city, I thought that I would give it a shot and apply there.
    Anyways, I was just wondering if you can tell some things that you like about the school? How is it like being a student in one of the busiest cities in the world?
    Your response would mean the world to me and I hope that I don’t take too much of your time!
    Thank you!

    Antoinette Viaje
    December 1, 2015

    • Hi, Antoinette!
      Thanks for reaching out! Personally, one of the main reasons I’m so in love with NYU, and New York City, is because of all of the opportunities available here. I’m blessed to be attending one of the best schools in the world, but I’m also in one of the best cities in the world! I’m taking interesting classes that not only challenge me academically, but are allowing me to expand my perspective and opinions on many subjects. There is a really wide variety of classes open to students here at NYU, no matter what field or discipline you’re studying. That was one of the main reasons I chose NYU: I didn’t want to be stuck learning about only one thing for four years, and I knew from research that NYU really puts an emphasis on trying and learning new things. The ease with which new experiences can be had is also one of the things I love about New York City in general. There is never a shortage of things to do here. Everything from museums, to shows, to restaurants, to just exploring the city, is available at your fingertips. I am someone who likes to be busy, but also doesn’t want to be stuck doing the same things all the time. NYU and the city offer just that: with all of the clubs and extracurricular opportunities available to students at NYU, along with all of the opportunities available in the city, it’s hard to ever get bored here. Hope this answered your questions! Best of luck!

      Vanessa Danek
      December 1, 2015

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