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It’s just 15 days before our Early Decision deadline for first-year admission.

Students who identify NYU as their first choice can apply for Early Decision admission by November 1 and we will provide you with our admission decision on your application on December 15.  We offer a second round of Early Decision (called Early Decision 2) with a January 1 deadline and a February 15 notification date.

Here’s more information than you likely need about Early Decision:

  • Early Decision is a binding commitment you are making with NYU. If you are admitted, you are agreeing to attend NYU if you are financially able to do so. Your commitment involves completing an Early Decision Agreement within your Common Application.
  • Our Early Decision program stipulates that within 25 days of receiving our offer of admission, you must withdraw all applications you may have already submitted to any colleges or universities in the world, you cannot submit any new applications, and you must commit to attending NYU by submitting your enrollment deposit.
  • Early Decision students who need financial assistance need to submit the CSS Financial Aid PROFILE (and NonCustodial Parent PROFILE if applicable) by November 15 in order to be considered for any NYU scholarships. More specific directions and additional deadlines are here, but the only way to receive an estimated financial aid award on December 15 is to apply for financial aid by November 15. Similarly, Early Decision 2 students must submit the same PROFILE form(s) by January 15 to receive an estimated financial aid award on February 15.
  • If you applied for financial aid and we were unable to offer you enough financial assistance you feel you need to attend NYU, we will release you from the Early Decision Agreement. In essence, you may break the Early Decision Agreement if you cannot afford to attend NYU. Affordability is something you will determine with your family after reviewing whatever financial assistance we may be able to offer you.
  • With few exceptions, your chances of admission Early Decision aren’t radically different than those who apply Regular Decision. We reserve the sweeping majority of spaces in our first-year class for students who apply Regular Decision and last year, Early Decision applicants had just a 1% chance higher admit rate than those who applied Regular Decision. That said, our Early Decision applicant pool is substantially smaller than our Regular Decision applicant pool, so if you want to compete in a smaller pool of candidates, Early Decision may be an attractive option for you. Additionally, some of our most selective programs do act more affirmatively for Early Decision candidates so if NYU is, in fact, truly your first choice, applying Early Decision may work to your advantage given the competitive nature of those programs and the clear demonstrated interest signal you are sending to NYU by making a binding commitment with us.
  • If you are admitted to any NYU school, college, program or campus you expressed interest in on your Common Application, we will expect that you adhere to the Early Decision Agreement. The only caveat is that if we were unable to admit you to your first choice school, college, program, or campus, you will not be expected to commit to attending NYU. Instead, we will simply ask that you make a decision on our offer of admission within 25 days of receiving your offer of admission.
  • Students admitted Early Decision do not receive preferences in how we assign housing on campus. We do not even begin to think about the housing assignment process until well after May 1.
  • If you apply for Early Decision, we are going to aim to provide you with an early decision. The vast majority of students who apply Early Decision will get a final decision (admit or deny) when we release admission decisions. Last year, fewer than 100 students were deferred to the Regular Decision round and typically only because we wanted more time to make a decision after reviewing additional grades or testing.
  • If you feel your family will need to compare admission offers and financial aid awards, applying Early Decision will not enable you to do that. Even if you are admitted to NYU and offered a financial aid package at the time of admission, you will likely not have other offers of admission or financial aid awards at that time. As a result, you may feel pressure to make a premature decision (with serious financial consequences) about where you spend the next 4 years of your life. If you will need more time to make such a decision, you should likely apply Regular Decision to give you and your family the time you need to make a more thoughtful family decision.



  • My school system releases first semester grades on January 28th. Will NYU ED2 see my first semester senior year grades even though the application deadline is January 1st?

    David Johson
    October 18, 2015

  • Hi,

    >Last year, fewer than 100 students were deferred to the Regular Decision round

    From what I understand from the NYU website and google searches, NYU does not deffer ED students. This article is the only source I can find that says otherwise.

    Mohammad Hayat

    Mohammad F Hayat
    October 28, 2015

  • Hi. I just applied ED to NYUAD. I submitted my CSS well ahead of the deadline, actually two weeks before the deadline. In fact, I submitted it before I submitted my common application. Now the Uni wants me to use my University Net ID for the CSS PROFILE. What do I do? Is it alright to file the CSS Profile before hand? Am I in troubled?

    Aravind SK
    October 28, 2015

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  • When does NYU start sending out Net IDs and passwords so we can log into the portal to check our status?

    • Hi Mila,

      Usually a confirmation goes out to students 7-10 days after the application has been received. Our office recently started downloading application from the Common App, now that the deadline has passes so you should be receiving your response shortly if you haven’t already.

      Phil Hughes

      Phillip H.
      November 4, 2015

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