My First Two Weeks of Travel: A Photo Essay

First post on the Admissions blog! Hi everyone!

Admittedly, I’ve been a little anxious throughout the summer, scheduling my visits and planning my driving routes throughout my states (Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas) for my first ever recruiting season with NYU. This will be the longest solo road trip I’ve ever taken, but it’s okay– I brought my selfie stick.

First stop was a week in Houston, and naturally, Becca and I thought it fitting to start off our travel season with an Off-Campus Reception selfie with our fabulous Houston crowd!


The wonderful thing about recruiting on the road is I can ask high school students I meet for suggestions of any local spots. I hit up the Biscuit Paint Wall on Monday,


the Hines Waterwall on Wednesday,


theĀ Menil Collection on Thursday,


and my favorite breakfast spot, Chik-Fil-A, nearly every morning of the week.


After a pit-stop in Dallas for our OCR with Abu Dhabi counselor Daniela (and dinner with my mom), I jetted off to Oklahoma!

I got to have lunch with a fellow former NYU ambassador and native Oklahoman, Bryan, between visits in OKC (don’t you just love the NYU network? Friends and alum all over the map to eat meals with!).


I ate bacon-wrapped everything at theĀ annual Oklahoma State Fair,


took a selfie with my new friends at Casady School,


and found my top NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering recruit on the way to Tulsa.


I wasn’t sure what to expect in Arkansas, but after inquiring and receiving suggestions from every kind Arkansan I met, I may have found my next home (years down the road!).

Thanks to everybody who suggested the Crystal Bridges Museum in Fayetteville, which took my breath away at every turn and step,



the Walmart Museum, which had excellent ice cream,


and the Bill Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock (History! Animatronic DINOSAURS! I love you, AR).


But the best and most serendipitous accident happened when I visited Little Rock Central High School last Friday, on the very anniversary of the first day the Little Rock 9 stepped foot into the high school. I was blown away walking the same halls in which modern American history took place.


I’m only two weeks into my fall travel season, but I’ve never been more excited nor happier. To be able to share my love for NYU and its many programs and opportunities across our global network with high school students, AND to travel to culturally-rich and peculiar places…it’s a dream job come true.

I’m back to Houston this week, and finally Austin for my last leg of the trip, and am taking any suggestions for tacos and sights to see!

ATX, are you ready for NYU?

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  • Hi,
    Austin is waiting for you! If you love burgers, go to HopDoddy’s. Franklin BBQ but you have to wait in very long lines. Home Slice for great pizza. Chuy’s for Tex-Mex, there’s one in Round Rock you can visit after going to Round Rock High School where my daughter anxiously waits for y’all to visit. Speaking of which, my daughter thought she signed up for an informational meeting in Austin on Sunday, October 4th. When she signed up the time and location was still to be determined. Do you have any information on this? Thank you.

    Molly Brabham/Abby Brbaham
    October 1, 2015

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