The Admission Decisions Are Coming

While our official notification date for Regular Decision candidates is April 1, we are now on track to release admission decisions by email beginning early tomorrow morning. We will do everything in our power, to release decisions before and after the typical school day in America tomorrow.

This means decisions will be released in waves. Some decisions will be released before sunrise (here in New York City). Others will be sent in the late afternoon. We do this to minimize disruption to students during their school day here in the United States.

For students who will be admitted, a packet of materials – including an official admission letter – will be mailed – the old fashioned way – tomorrow.

For students who are offered admission, who met our February 15 financial aid application deadline, and who qualified for an award, we will post financial aid information online via our NYU Albert website tomorrow evening.

Admission decisions will not be posted online, nor will they be available over the phone until Monday, March 30.

We were humbled once again by the volume of interest in NYU this year and we truly appreciated the opportunity to read and learn about the 60,000+ students who applied for admission this year.


  • Thanks Shawn. To clarify, students who are admitted will receive and email, and also a packet? or just the packet by mail? And does this apply to international applicants as well? thanks, Chris

  • Are the results for opportunity programs also coming tomorrow?

  • Sweet news!! Do you know when applicants in California should be expecting emails??
    Can’t wait to here the news on my application!! 🙂

    Gisel Marmolejo
    March 27, 2015

  • Great news. Wither way we will visit the campus tomorrow from Napa valley and hope for the best present–admission. Have a blessed day!

    Tilden Brown Kirk
    March 27, 2015

  • How about the Wait list.. whats the number on kids on that
    March 27, 2015

    • I am wait-listed, so when is final day should I know that I am in or not

  • My son auditioned for Tisch. He received notice of being wait listed at NYU. If, by some wonderful alignment of the stars and moons, he is offered a space off the wait list, will it be an offer to Tisch specifically?

    Thanks so much for your consideration!

  • What is the acceptance rate like for the class of 2019?

  • Were there 60,000 freshmen applications this year?? Was kinda excited to find out that I am wait-listed, until I realized there are approximately 9,000 applicants on the wait-list lol!!! Really?

  • I checked online and my admission decision was posted. What does this mean? Is it not a real offer?

  • Do you think you can leave us a post on how many students RSVP for wait-list this year? I am assuming not all 9,000 applicants RSVP for wait list.

  • What if I have received a response to NYUAD but not to NYU specifically? Who can I contact to ask?

    March 28, 2015

  • Hello,

    I am glad to be accepted into Polytechnic School of Engineering at New York University. But I was wondering what I should do if I can not view my financial aid package. When I click on the financial aid summary after logging onto Albert, I am unable to click onto the aid year. This is what it looks like, . Is it possible they are still in the process of uploading the financial aid packages?

    Thank You for the help.

    Luvneesh Mugrai
    March 28, 2015

  • Nyu one of the best university in the world, i come from third world and imagine someday i can visit Nyu

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