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As you learned from my last blog post, the admissions counselors at NYU clock a serious amount of time in front of our computers this time of year (fun fact: I actually didn’t wear glasses my first year working in admissions! Now they are my favorite, and extremely necessary, accessory).  Whether we are reading from home or spending time in the office, many of us like to listen to some tunes while reading applications.  Since we read applications regionally here at NYU (shout out to the Pacific Northwest!) I like to listen to playlists/artists that match the region I’m reading. When I read for Washington I like to listen to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis or Fleet Foxes. I also read applications from the UK so I also spend time listening to One Direction, the Spice Girls, or the Beatles—though sometimes I spend too much time singing along. I’m also a huge fan of the “Coffeehouse” playlist on Spotify—it makes me feel like I’m back in Portland sipping a warm cup for Stumptown.

I polled the other admissions counselors and was able to put together an NYU Admissions Application Reading Playlist. You can listen along on Spotify if you’re curious what the admissions committee listens to when they’re reviewing applications.

Trish likes to listen to the James Taylor Pandora station or if she needs a bit more inspiration, she’ll listen to her 80s dance party playlist. I also enjoy the 80s dance party playlist but sometimes it reminds me that I cannot do the roger rabbit. Kervin also likes listening to some upbeat dance music, listening to the Spanish Harlem Orchestra playlist on Pandora.

Beau and Phil (and I) like to listen to Taylor Swift’s new album, 1989. Her song, “Welcome to New York” is quoted in lots of applications this year! Sadly, TSwift is no longer on Spotify, so I couldn’t add her music to the playlist. Admissions still loves you, Taylor!

Annie, the office’s resident Disney expert likes listening to tunes from her favorite animated movies. Sometimes I can hear her singing along at her desk. (NYU Alum alert! Frozen’s Idina Menzel graduated from the Tisch School of the Arts)!

A few of the admissions counselors prefer to listen to music without lyrics, from rain sounds, to Gregorian Chant, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Bach and Mozart.

We’re always looking for new tunes to add to the playlist—let us know if you have any suggestions in the comments!

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  • Whether it is a test, homework or a research paper my go to playlist is always the Ultimate Study Guide playlist on 8tracks. It has no words but most of the songs are sountracks to movies such as Harry Potter, 500 Days of Summer and so on. It is good for concentrating, but it’s also fun to figure out the movie. Hopefully it is as helpful to you all as it is to me! This is the link:

    Ashley Lara
    March 4, 2015

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