Live from Brooklyn, It’s Reading Season!

It is cold and snowy here in NYC! So snowy on Monday that the subways shut down at 11pm. The city that never sleeps was a bit quieter than usual over the past two days, even though we didn’t get quite the 2 feet of snow that forecasters were predicting.  While all you east coasters were enjoying your snow day, the undergraduate admissions office was reviewing applications, but instead of spending time on campus we were reading from the comfort of our homes.

Way back when I was a college applicant, I imagined that admissions counselors would be reading my file in a huge office, buried under stacks upon stacks of application files.  While NYU used to review paper applications, we’ve gotten a lot greener in the last five years and now review all of our applications online! So instead of sitting in an office buried under mounds of paper, I often read files from my tiny Brooklyn apartment. I clock some quality time with my laptop this time of year—this year NYU received over 60,000 applications for admission!

So even though the subways were shut down and NYC schools (including NYU!) were closed yesterday, I spent my snow day reading essays and reviewing transcripts. It’s the most wonderful time of the year…reading season!


Stay tuned for some upcoming posts about reading season at NYU including: the admissions committee application reading playlist and our favorite application reading snacks.

Stay safe, New York!


  • Hey, hope you’re doing well can i have your email Id .want to know more about admissions.

  • Hi, I applied also and the snow must be wonderful up there. 60,000 applicants!! Thats amazing. Stay Safe.

    Kristyon Bonds
    January 28, 2015

  • I wish I could write down playlist that accompanies my anxiety at 3am! =D

    Nickolas Lumanpauw
    January 29, 2015

  • I have to say I just visited the New York University Dorms yesterday to drop someone, and they are amazing. I didn’t even realise they existed in London.

    Reading is also very important. Keep up the great blogging.

  • how can I apply if I have finished the secondary Education and am from Tanzania

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