An Early Decision Application Extension

Given the technical issues many applicants, counselors, and school officials have experienced in navigating their Common Application accounts and online forms, NYU will extend its Early Decision deadline to November 8 at 11:59pm (Eastern Standard Time) for students interested in our New York and Shanghai campuses as their primary campuses of interest.

Due to the urgency in extending invitations and making travel arrangements for our Candidate Weekend in Abu Dhabi, applicants who want to be considered for Early Decision I admission to NYU Abu Dhabi must still meet our initial November 1 deadline.

For all applicants unable to meet our Early Decision I deadline, NYU offers a second round of Early Decision available to applicants for whom NYU is their first choice.  That Early Decision II deadline is January 1.

NOTE: Applicants to our creative and performing arts programs in the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development and the Tisch School of the Arts must still adhere to our November 1 deadline, as those programs require an artistic review process where our faculty use the month of November to review audition and portfolio results before reporting back to the admissions committee.

NOTE 2: Our financial aid deadline for Early Decision has not been extended.  Applicants who want to be considered for financial aid – including all scholarships and grants – must complete the CSS Financial Aid PROFILE by November 15 at 11:59pm (Eastern Standard Time) to be considered for such aid.  A reminder that if your parents are divorced, separated, or not married, your non-custodial parent (the parent you do not live with) must complete a Non-Custodial Parent PROFILE as well by November 15.  If you do not have any contact your non-custodial parent, you can request a PROFILE waiver request form on our website.  Each of these forms are due no later than November 15.


  • My daughter, Kaia Shabaka, who visited NYU this past July will be applying Early Decision by the November 8 deadline. Thank you for the update!

    Sonja Siouxs M Whittle
    Parent and Former NYU TSOA student

    Sonja Siouxs M Whittle
    October 22, 2013

  • The Tisch Students are having just as much difficulty as all the other schools. On top of which they also have extensive portfolio uploads. Seems unfair that the school with the more complicated admission materials requirements get no extra time.

    • Yes, It would be extremely great if they could also extend the Tisch deadline to 8th November.

      Elzaan de Wee
      October 31, 2013

      • I agree. The email about the extension, first of all, was misleading and did not mention anything about Tisch not extending the deadline. Also, I know that I have been corresponding between the common app and my portfolio to make them complement each other and I did not want to send in one without the other. This seems very unfair to me.

  • Does this mean the financial aid, notification, and response deadline are also pushed back?

    Taylor Hughes
    October 23, 2013

    • It does not. There are no reported delays with the College Board website (where the CSS Financial Aid PROFILE lives), so there is no reason for us to extend our financial aid application deadline. We do not expect a delay in notifying students of their admission decisions.

      • I was lucky enough to stumble upon your blog and this information about the deadline extension. Will the NYU admissions website be updated with this new deadline for Early Decision I? The published deadline on the Admissions pages is still listed as November 1.

        Thank you!

        Marcia Williams
        October 26, 2013

  • Is the Early Decision deadline for international applicants also delayed to November 8th? Or is it only delayed for American applicants?

  • My son, Andrew Cohen who attended NYU pre-college is applying Early Decision. His recommender in the Common Application for NYU is one of his NYU pre-college professors who lives in Israel. She was unsuccessful in trying to upload her recommendation. The CA is forcing her to mail it, for which there is no time. I just spoke to an NYU admissions counselor who gave me an email she can send it to ( The admissions counselor asked that Andrew’s N# be included on the teacher’s recommendation letter. We do not have one. How does he obtain an N#.
    Thank you so much for extending the Early Decision date!

    Vicki Sweet and Andrew Cohen
    October 28, 2013

  • With the current three week wait for SAT scores, will NYU be extending the early January 1 deadline to accommodate students who won’t receive their SAT results from the 8th December testing since results won’t be back until December 31st?

  • Is the early decision deadline for the Gallatin School November 8, as well? It was not mentioned as one of the schools that must adhere to the November 1st deadline, but I just wanted to make sure.

    Mamie Silver
    October 28, 2013

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  • Dear Mr. Shawn Abbot,

    Thank you for email update on admissions to NYU.
    My grand daughter Lena Hansen and my family from Malaysia attended the Info Session
    and Campus tour of NYU on 26 July 2011. We are all very impressed and Lena loved it.
    We also met Ms Jessica Landis in Kuala Lumpur in September 1, 2012.
    Lena is very very keen to join NYU and pray that she will be accepted
    She will be sitting for her SATs in December and hopes she will be
    in time to apply for the Early January 2014 deadline.
    Please keep us updated on admissions for 2014.

  • pls am having financial problem now. what will i do? i want to run part-time programme in NYU-POLY.

    Raphael Kelvin
    November 1, 2013

  • I am a college counselor for a Tisch student; can I upload documents by Nov 8th due to technical difficulties? The student has already submitted application and portfolio. Thanks

    Didem Sezer
    November 1, 2013

  • I am taking sat in dec, would it be still fine to apply for an early decision? I kinda made an estimate but the score comes out almost 31st and the deadline is jan. 2nd

  • Given the extension to 11/8, will ED candidates be eligible to submit SAT scores from the 11/2 SAT exam?

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