From WoTS to Washington

Hi Friends!

Happy #collegesigningday ! Are you showing off your NYU gear today? I’m enjoying my last day in Seattle before I head back to a spring-y NYC!

April is an exciting time in admissions—we are welcoming thousands of admitted students to campus all month. When we’re not on campus, admissions officers also also hitting the road to meet with our admitted students and we also begin introducing NYU to juniors who are beginning the college process!  Our travels  continue through May, so be sure to check our website to see if NYU is visiting your city this spring!

The past few weekends were very busy and very fun! After a quick trip to New Hampshire for a college fair, I came back to a warm and sunny NYC just in time for NYU’s Weekend on the Square (#NYUWOTS). Weekend on the Square is a full weekend of events for our admitted students. We had programs for each school or college at NYU, a whole bunch of incredible student performers, and we turned Schwartz Plaza into “Student Life Lane”, where students could learn a bit more about all of the incredible resources we have on campus.  We had residence halls open for room shows, and my favorite mascot, the NYU Bobcat was wandering campus and taking photos with our admitted students (and some of our staff as well—it’s not WoTS without a Bobcat Selfie!). The whole weekend was spectacular! It was so wonderful to meet many of our admitted students and celebrate their admission to NYU. Here are some pictures from the day. Want to see more? Check out the hashtag #NYU2020 to get a peak of how awesome Weekend on the Square was this year! We even had our own #NYU2020 snapchat geofilter!

My old friend, the Bobcat!

The best part about WoTS? Purple Balloons everywhere!


About 12 hours after #NYUWOTS, I hopped on a plane to Seattle to meet with prospective and admitted students in the Pacific Northwest! In my downtime, I took a quick trip up north to the tulip festival, where I found a whole section of purple and white tulips–just for NYU. Between junior programs, college fairs, and off-campus receptions, it’s been a busy few weeks!

NYU Tulips in Northern Washington


Admitted students from the PNW!

seattle admitted

Congrats again #NYU2020, see you at move in day in August! Don’t forget to check Next Stop NYU for more information about how to prepare for life at NYU!


The month of April always has so much in store for us here in New York and at NYU! First, the sun is slowly creeping out of the clouds, and doesn’t set till late. That’s always a great sign. Spring is here! The flowers are blooming, and summer is round the corner.

It’s the perfect time to chill in the park before finals season, take a walk to Times Square, or walk along the High Line. If you’re passionate about photography like I am, it’s also a great time to capture some scenic images. I took this one on my way to my residence hall after class one day (This is one of the many reasons why I love living on campus – the scenic view of the park on the way back home!):


The ambassador family here is also very excited to meet all the incoming freshmen during Weekend on the Square! Congratulations for being offered admission, and we look forward to hearing from you and meeting you in a few weeks!

Be super excited! We know we are!

4 Apps That Make Living in NYC Easy for any Student!

Living in a big city can be overwhelming sometimes, especially when you’re lost in the middle of ‘nowhere’ and don’t know how to get around. Although everyone around is friendly and always willing to help, sometimes relying on your phone isn’t a bad idea! During my freshman year of university, there were 5 applications that I relied on for survival (okay, not survival).






You know when you come back after a tiring day, and all you want to do is cozy up in your bed with some hot tea, and Netflix? And just then, your rumbling stomach decides to ruin your entire plan and all you can think about is that delicious pizza that you walked past on your way home? Well, that’s what Seamless is for! As you may already know, I’m a fan of exotic and authentic dining, and seamless makes it possible for me to do order that delicious meal in the comfort of my residence. (Also, the app was developed by one of our NYU Alums with the help of the Leslie eLAB!)






This is the most ideal application to use when you’re in the middle of the city and you wish to commute to a particular location using public transport. Embark NYC is always up to date with the public transportation schedule, and will provide the easiest train, bus and walking route for you to reach your destination. If you know the station names, you can also access the application offline (It’s helpful especially when you’re underground in the train station and do not have access to an internet connection).






TodayTix is the best way to catch Broadway shows at a cheap rate. The app updates everyday with new offers for tickets, at low prices. I watched Phantom of the Opera and A View From the Bridge at totally affordable costs, thanks to TodayTix! It’s amazing for theatre students (you can watch shows without living the broke college student life all the time), but also for people who generally enjoy watching theatre performances.



unnamed (1)



What happens when you’re out with friends and you need to pay them for something they bought you? Well, you don’t have to worry about going to an ATM to draw money anymore, because Venmo is the best way to transfer funds virtually between friends! You can also get a cash conversation going, by sending messages and reminders for payments between each other. It makes splitting the checks during dinner easier as well!

Living in NYC may sound intimidating for some, but with these apps, and tons of others, it’s never been easier!

Behind the Scenes of Committee

Hi Friends!

If you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of this blog before, you’ll know I wrote a similar post about committee last year. One Direction and I told you about how I read a file, but there’s a lot of work that happens in our office once a file has been reviewed.  After months of reading applications alone in our respective homes, the admissions counselors come together for several weeks for committee! Committee is where we revisit all of the applications we have reviewed and where we make most of our final admissions decisions.  Reading 63,000 applications is tough, but making final admissions decisions is even tougher! Read More

Remembering Home

2016-02-21 19.34.10

In a globalized world, we often forget our roots and heritage, especially when living away from home. Adapting to a large city with a fast paced life can be intimidating at times, especially when you feel like you don’t belong. Being grounded in one’s identity and roots is a very important aspect of growing up, as well as understanding that there are different cultures and beliefs that may not necessarily be in line with yours. Developing an appreciation and accepting these differing views is a skill, which not only makes interactions with others easier, but also enforces a sense of global citizenship and a holistic awareness of the village of the world that we live in. Being at NYU, one of the most liberal higher education institutions of its time, and living in New York City, makes the experience of cultural integration even more rewarding and fruitful. NYU is a community of micro communities, and whether it is through the global study away programs, or through involvement in extra curricular activities and clubs on campus, you are guaranteed to find a society, which you associate with more than others. If you don’t, there are many options through which you can get involved and start your own clubs, and become an integral part of the larger student body. Whether you are from a small conservative city, or whether you have lived in a big city before, it is important to keep in mind that we are one people, each with a unique identity and sense of the world. Be you, be NYU, but most importantly, be a citizen of the world.

Spring into Midterm Season

Well, it’s about that time again. The seats at Bobst Library are filling up and the lines at Starbucks keep getting longer and longer. Must be midterm season.
things her campus haer lee midterms
Every semester, NYU students face the hard facts that they must be tested on all of the interesting things they have learned in their classes. It’s an unfortunate, but inevitable, aspect to all schools. Still, there is one thing making all of the studying and essay-writing somewhat bearable… the warm weather.

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Danek Defines: “In and Of the City”

When I’m giving campus tours to prospective students, one of the most frequently asked questions I get (besides “What are you planning on doing with your major?”) is “What do you like most about NYU? What makes it unique?” 

Honestly, that’s kind of a loaded question. There are so many ways that question can be answered, and it differs greatly from person to person, but I think the most universal answer is the location. Now, that might seem like a cop out, but I promise it isn’t. Even though it’s really cool to run into celebrities while grabbing a cup of coffee or watch Law and Order: SVU film in Washington Square Park for the umpteenth time, that’s not what I came to NYU for. Read More