In and of the Great Outdoors

As you know by now, thanks to Becca’s post about preparing for travel and Beau’s descriptions of the places he has been and things he has eaten, admissions counselors from NYU are scattered across the globe meeting with students to share information about our university and the application process. What you might not know though is that our time on the road is also meant for us to get to know where you come from in the hopes that by becoming more familiar with your communities and your schools we will be better able to understand you as applicants and potential members of a future NYU class. Read More

Scholarship Programs at NYU

Many scholarship programs at NYU feature programming designed to assist students in identifying available academic and institutional support resources, to encourage students to delve more deeply into a particular area of study and to foster a sense of community that can be helpful when navigating a large and oftentimes complex university like NYU.  I help to create programming for the Smilow Scholars Program, one of our newest scholars programs here at NYU. Read More

Evil and College Rankings

I am probably one of the few admission deans you will meet who does not think university rankings are the root of all evil. Many of my colleagues argue that quality in American higher education cannot be quantified and no magazine, newspaper, or website has any business providing metrics to judge an institution of higher education on such a simplistic set of variables, whether it be average class size or average test scores.
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First Year RA Apprehensions

The words “First Year” in the title refer to two things: being a Resident Assistant (RA) for the first time, and actually being a RA to first year students. The double whammy. Needless to say, I was (and still kinda am) apprehensive about some parts of my new position. Now that Welcome Week is over and classes are about to start, here are 5 First Year RA Apprehensions I’ve had on my mind for the past few days: Read More

Going Postal

When I blogged from Ghana in the spring, I mostly only talked about the pleasant things. But sometimes being away brings experiences that are…frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved my time there. But, there are aspects of America that I missed and definitely appreciate more now that I’m back.

My mom sent me a care package when I first got to Ghana in January and it was a while before I was finally able to pick it up. Well, “pick up” describes a very passive encounter, and what I went through to get my box was anything but. Essentially, here’s what happened:
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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Fall is the most wonderful time of the year for an admissions counselor—travel season! For two months, my colleagues and I leave the great city of New York to explore the US and the world to meet with students to speak about NYU. We visit high schools, attend college fairs, and host Off Campus Information Sessions and in our free time, we try to do some exploring. I head to the Pacific Northwest on Sunday where I’ll get to explore Seattle and Portland and meet with incredible prospective students for three weeks. I’m not worried about jet lag because I’ll be traveling to two of the greatest coffee cities in the US! Read More

Touch Down In LA

Time for some missionary work to save the Angelenos from Tommy Trojan. Maggie, Trish, and I have arrived in Los Angeles for our prospective student reception in downtown LA today (at the Omni Hotel – 2pm).  If you miss us today, Trish and Kristy will be back in Anaheim on October 12 at the Anaheim Marriott.

768 students – the largest number ever – came to NYU from California last year.  We’re back to make it happen again.

Tommy may have more Heisman trophies but did you know the model for the Heisman was NYU alumnus Ed Smith?  Don’t try to Fight (On) the Flower.