From Jeddah to Jerusalem

Returning from Tel Aviv after nearly two weeks of visits to the American schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Israel.

The highlights? Realizing that hospitality in places like Riyadh rivals the American South and the food at The Eucalyptus, just outside the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem, where I paid a visit to an English class at the Jerusalem American International School.

There I was asked to critique the essays of juniors and seniors including one by a budding diplomat from the Arab quarter of the Old City who tackled the 3 subjects of college essays I always advise to avoid at all cost: politics, religion, and sex. He proved me wrong with his exceptional piece about a city where the lives of Christians, Jews, and Muslims collide on a daily basis.

Still, not much could match my “Cairo in 8 (not 48) Hours” tour through the eyes of my oud-playing new friend, Shady, where in less than a day, I walked the oldest streets in Egypt, toured the largest collection of medieval architecture in the Islamic world, and sampled Syrian sweets from one of the oldest bakeries in Zamalek, the Manhattan of Cairo.  8 hours wasn’t nearly enough but Shady enlightened me to the works of Nobel prize winning author, Naguib Mahfouz and his novel Midaq Alley, to learn more about the largest city in Africa.


Dwelling on Dreams

I’ve always been a sucker for nostalgia. I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time reminiscing over old pictures on my computer. So when Facebook added that feature where they show you your Facebook activity in the past on that same day, I was extremely excited. I was expecting to see posts that were ridiculous and embarrassing, which is why this post was kind of a wild card:

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The Real Semester Break Down

Today I was sitting waiting for my 11AM class to begin, already tired from finishing my 8AM class, looking through my calendar on my phone. Sometimes with all the hype of assignments and activities it is easy to forget what day it is or in my case what week it is. I somehow convinced myself that next week was Thanksgiving and we would be having Wednesday through Friday off from school. You can imagine how sad I was when I looked at my calendar and found out that next week was another full week of classes and assignments. This got me thinking about a typical semester in college and I think it can be broken down into a few simple sections. The NYU academic calendar will break down a semester by add/drop dates, school breaks and such, but this is the real lowdown on what a semester is like.

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ED – More Than You Need

It’s just 15 days before our Early Decision deadline for first-year admission.

Students who identify NYU as their first choice can apply for Early Decision admission by November 1 and we will provide you with our admission decision on your application on December 15.  We offer a second round of Early Decision (called Early Decision 2) with a January 1 deadline and a February 15 notification date.
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Iconic Drop Outs

Students should care about graduation rates when they choose a university.  I swear our graduation rate would be higher (7+ in 10 in 4 years) if we didn’t have so many dang ridiculously successful NYU drop-outs like these two.  They just released a new video to launch a 2016 collection and reprise a 1978 classic (once heard religiously at the Palladium before it became one of our residence halls and our athletic complex).

Neither Lady GaGa nor Tom Ford ever finished their NYU degree and sadly it doesn’t appear they are coming home anytime soon.


The Dirt on Selecting A School/College at NYU

With the opening of NYU Abu Dhabi in 2010, we began allowing admission candidates to be considered for more than 1 of our schools, colleges, programs, and campuses. With a sweeping panorama of more than 200 areas of study spanning the world, it seemed grossly unfair (to our applicants) to consider them for just ONE of the above.

Here’s the latest dirt on your admission options at NYU:

We’re happy to consider candidates for any of our campuses.  In some cases, we might even offer you admission to more than one. We’re also happy to consider candidates who have an adventurous spirit and want to study abroad right away. In some cases, we may offer admission to students with the expectation they spend their freshman year at NYU Florence, NYU London, NYU Paris, or NYU Washington, DC. Gaining an international experience early enables students to be competitive for top flight internships with the world’s most influential organizations in one’s junior and senior years, especially those headquartered here in New York City.

Still, think long and hard about your selections. If you request consideration for one of our campuses above, we will consider you, but recognize that you might get what you asked for. If you’re not up for such an adventure, narrow your selections and request consideration for only the places you would truly consider.

We’re also happy to consider candidates for alternate schools, colleges, and programs if we’re not able to admit someone to their primary area of interest. We’re thrilled to encounter students who are open to more than one option at NYU. Still, be realistic about where we may (and may not) consider you.  For example:

  1. Admission to our Stern School of Business has become exceedingly competitive.  Stern is hot, plain and simple. Many of our applicants know this and want to be considered for other programs at NYU. Wonderful! But realistically, we’re likely to only seriously consider Stern applicants for one of our other business or management programs if we’re not able to admit them to Stern. We’re not likely to consider such students for other programs in the humanities (e.g. our Liberal Studies Core Program) or social sciences (e.g. our College of Arts and Science’s Economics program). Programs like Business and Technology Management (at our Polytechnic School of Engineering), Sports Management, Real Estate, and Hotel & Tourism Management (all at our School of Professional Studies) are the most viable alternative options for a student aiming to study business at NYU.
  2. If you indicate that either an arts program in the Steinhardt School or the Tisch School of the Arts is not a first choice but instead a secondary/alternate choice (which is totally fine – go for it!), you should only attempt to arrange an audition or submit a portfolio if invited. The one arts program in our Steinhardt School that does not have an audition or porfolio review process is our Educational Theatre program. Similarly, our Gallatin School of Individualized Study, which also does not have an audition or porfolio review process, welcomes some students every year who audition or submit portfolios to Steinhardt and Tisch, and select Gallatin as an alternate program of interest.

If you do select an alternate choice on your application, please do be sure to tell us why in your “Why NYU?” essay response. It’s incredibly helpful for us to have more detail about what you are truly interested in at NYU. Don’t just check boxes on the application. Tell us what you are open to, where you want to go, and what you want to do!