Better Late Then Never, Right?

This past week I had the super awkward experience of taking my drivers test for the FIRST time. Since I’m a senior slated to graduate in about 5 weeks, you would think I did this years ago, right? No. Wrong. Let me explain a little: when I was 13 my parents whisked me away to Pakistan to spend the next six years of my life, so when I came back to the US for college I was license-less. Read More

Looking Back and Forward

This past weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Seattle to speak at NYU’s Off-Campus Reception. The event allowed me to reflect on the experiences that I’ve had so far in New York, and allowed me to look forward to my plans leading up to my final year as an undergraduate at NYU. Read More

Artist Gone Engineer (?!)

When I was younger, I thought I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. However, it wasn’t until I came to NYU that I realized I actually had no idea what I wanted to do!

Growing up, I studied visual arts. From age 8 to 15, I was constantly submitting my pieces to galleries and winning awards for my work. However, I could never picture myself pursuing a career in art. Instead, I always wanted to become a marine biologist in hope of linking my love of the ocean with my passion for science. Read More

W.O.T.S. Is Coming

W.O.T.S. (not to be confused with the neighborhood in Los Angeles) stands for NYU’s most iconic weekend of the year: Weekend On The Square – 72 hours of packed events for admitted students and their families.  Why should you be there?

1. Because we have rockstars – Jeff Rabhan - Stephanie Mitchko - Michael Purugannan – for you to meet all weekend long.

2. Because after a long New York winter, we are ready to rage hard.  Here is how we spent last weekend in Washington Square Park.

3. Because the ladies of Khalbali will take you around the world of music and dance in 7 minutes.

4. Because admitted students from a record-breaking 114 countries will be there.  The United Nations – just 30 blocks north – recognizes 190 countries in the world.

5. Because W.O.T.S. is going to D.O.B.R.O. this year as the Polytechnic School of Engineering becomes the newest school of NYU!

Body Positivity

A few weeks ago, from February 23 to March 1, it was National Eating Disorder Awareness (NEDA) week. NEDA week is a cause that’s important to me, and as an RA, I decided to create a program series around those issues. I reached out to RAs in other buildings, asking if anyone would want to host Body Positivity Photo Shoots in their buildings, where residents would take pictures celebrating themselves and receive information about eating disorders and treatment. Read More

Giving Birth to Baby Kittenz

Be warned, this is probably the most emotional thing I am going to ever write in my life, but I must admit: getting into my a capella group, APC Rhythm, was easily the most important thing to happen to me in college. It has granted me with a majority of the family that I know here at NYU, encouraged me to pursue endeavours that I thought I couldn’t achieve, but have proven to be the most fruitful of my career thus far, and let me experience so much of life in the most beautiful way possible with good friends around the city and the country. Just a few weeks ago, APC welcomed four new kittenz (our affectionate title for each other) into our family, and it never ceases to amaze me how happy it makes me. Read More

The Miracle Berry

One of the major selling points in decision to come to NYU-Accra was their emphasis on community service. Students here can take a course where they’re given credit for volunteering 10 hours and attending a hour-long seminar once a week, or can opt to simply volunteer on their own. I chose the latter, and arranged to volunteer on a farm once a week. To say that it is awesome is an understatement. Read More

Admission Decision Update

All admission decisions have now been dispatched for those students who have applied for Regular Decision admission.  All decisions were sent by email though it still may take several hours before you actually receive your admission decision.  We expect financial aid awards (for those who qualified) to be available soon – likely within the hour.  If there is any further delay, we will update our site accordingly.

If you do not receive your admission decision email by tomorrow, please do check your spam and trash folders, as our email may have been diverted through those filters.  If you still have not received your email by Monday morning, please feel free to call the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 212-998-4500 and we will share your decision over the phone.  We will ask for your name and NYU ID number to release your decision over the phone and will only release decisions to students.

That Time I Decided to Try Bikram Yoga (again)

My little sister has been pretty consistent about going to the bikram yoga studio near our house in New Jersey for the better part of a month.  The whole time she’s been raving about how amazing bikram is and how she feels and looks soooo great. Over spring break I decided I’d go with her one day just to try it out and see what was so amazing about it. I went once last year in the city but had a less-than-pleasant experience and vowed never to go again, but on Tuesday, March 18th I decided to suck it up and go with my sister to a 7PM class. Read More

An Update for Regular Decision Candidates

Our admission process for the Class of 2018 has nearly concluded.  We are expected to release admission decisions (and financial aid awards if applicable) ahead of our April 1 schedule.  On Friday, March 28, all decisions will be sent via email to our Regular Decision freshman candidates.  We will begin mailing decisions in the early morning hours (before dawn on the East Coast) and continue throughout the day.  By late evening on March 28, we expect all decisions to be sent.  A few notes: Read More