The Fresh Princess of NYU

Original Cringey Remix “Fresh Princess of NYU” by Admissions Ambassador Marilu. Enjoy <3

Now this is a blog post all about how

My life got flipped-turned upside down

And I’d like to take a minute

Just sit right there

I’ll tell you how I became the princess of a school called NYU

In central Florida born and raised

In Disney theme parks was where I spent most of my days

Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool

And playing some tennis outside of the school

When a couple of NYU admissions letters got to my house

Started making me think about leaving my town

I sent in a little application and my parents got scared

They said, “You’re not movin’ to New York city and living all alone.”

I begged and pleaded with them day after day

They said yes so I packed my suitcase and went on my way

They gave me a hug and then gave me my ticket.

I put my headphones on and said, “I might as well kick it.”

First class, yo, this is bad

Drinking apple juice out of a champagne glass.

Is this what the people of NYU living like?

Hmm, this might be alright.

But wait I hear they’re hipster, indie, all that

Is this the type of place that’d accept me, a simple Florida gal?

Yeah, I earned it.

I’ll see ya when I get there

I hope they’re prepared, for the princess of NYU

Well, the plane landed and I got to campus

There was a dude who looked like a cop standing there with my ID out

I grabbed it so I don’t loose it yet

I just got here

I sprang with the quickness and grabbed the swag, #free

I ordered an Uber with a coupon code and when it came near

The license plate said “Fresh” and had dice in the mirror

If anything I could say that this Uber was rare

But I thought, “Nah, forget it.”

– “Yo, home to Third North.”

I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8

And I yelled to the cabbie, “Yo home smell ya later.”

I looked at my kingdom

I was finally there

To sit on my throne as the Princess of NYU

Cringey jokes aside, good luck with your applications and I hope to see you slaying here in the fall!



Spending Your First Year Away with NYU!

One of the things I love most about NYU is that there are ways to have all of the benefits and opportunities that come with being at the largest private research university in the country, while also finding small academic communities with discussion based classes. One of my favorite examples: The Liberal Studies Core Program.

The Core Program provides students with a strong, 2 year liberal arts foundation before they transition into one of NYU’s undergraduate degree programs to complete their Bachelor’s degree. Hallmarks of this program include small, discussion based classes, and emphasizing the great works in a global context for a 21st century education. As if all of that wasn’t enough, The Core Program is the only program at NYU that allows you to spend your first year either in New York City, or at one of 4 other global academic centers around the world! You can indicate your interest in studying away during your first year on your common application.

Imagine moving into your first year residence hall in Florence, Italy. NYU’s gorgeous campus is located at La Pietra, a breathtaking 57 acre estate on the hillside overlooking the city. Is it your dream to wander the city of  Florence, taking in the sights of the Duomo, and studying among the olive groves on our campus? Or, is the bustling city of London more your speed? Do you want to take in theatre at the Royal Shakespeare Company, stroll among the exhibits at the Tate Modern, and maybe hope to catch a glimpse of the royal family at Buckingham Palace? Or, do you long for the exhilarating setting of our campus in Paris? You’ll live and learn in the Latin Quarter while you explore monuments, museums, and the culture of the City of Light. Finally, do you want to have a global experience right here in the United States in our country’s capital, Washington, D.C.? Students live and attend classes just blocks away from the White House, and take part in internships with government officials, international organizations, NGO’s, and the media–just to name a few.

No matter which site you choose for your first year experience in our Liberal Studies Core Program, you’ll leave your global experience as a student who is comfortable anywhere, and effective everywhere.


AHH! Do I Have To Decide On My Major Now?

If you are anything like me, you don’t even know what you’re eating for breakfast tomorrow.

When I was filling out college applications, I remember leaving the “Intended Major” section until the last minute. I was under the impression that I was deciding what the rest of my life was going to be. I dreaded making that decision. As a senior, I knew I had multiple interests which resulted in me applying to multiple universities —each for a different major—depending on the university’s strengths.

It seemed like I was in the same boat as almost all of my friends and classmates; I mean, how many 17 and 18-year-olds really know what they want to do for the rest of their lives?

After coming to college, I realized that the major you declare is not necessarily a permanent decision. I ended up switching my major two times before the end of the first semester. I began as a Science and Technology Studies major at the Tandon School of Engineering, then I switched to Biomolecular Science, and ended where I currently am as a Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering major.

That is not to say that when you switch majors, you think of the past majors as inferior, it’s more like going step by step to refine what you are truly passionate about and what you are meant to pursue. Through your classes, you’ll learn what you like and what you dislike—things that are impossible for you to learn until you begin your classes.

A major can seem like a perfect fit in your head or on paper…but not in real life.

At NYU, if you are switching majors within the same school, it is as easy as submitting an online form and then getting a signature from the head of your new major department. This is easier while you are a first-year student since you will have more room in your schedule to switch things around.

If you are switching between NYU schools, you are eligible if you have completed two semesters of consecutive full-time study at your current NYU school or college. All you have to do is fill out an internal transfer application online.

And as always, if the university you attend, does not end up offering the major that you find to be “the one”, there is always the option to do an external transfer to another university. In order to do that, speaking to an advisor would be the first step as well as researching the school’s transfer process.

All in all, I’m here to tell you that it’s okay if you aren’t sure if the major you declared on the Common Application is for you. You’ll have plenty of time to figure out your future career path and your career path will have plenty of time to find you.  


“Let Me Put You In My Google Calendar” – 5 Time Management Tips

Class, work, extracurricular activities, having a social life, and experiencing New York City. There honestly is no better way to organize your life than to have an updated and accurate Google calendar. No, this isn’t an advertisement for Google; iCal or good ol’ paper calendars work, too. My point is, as students in New York City, we need to have some means to get to everything we want to do and not forget it. Because honestly, I’ve stood my friends up for lunch one too many times.

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Two Times the Charm: How I Found My NYU Family

I came to NYU craving community. Having grown up in Northwest Ohio, New York City and NYU represented the promise land for me — the place where I would inevitably find my tribe and live out my Sex and the City fantasy. Not knowing quite where I would fit in, I cast a wide net when I first arrived, auditioning and applying for everything I came across. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out the way I had planned, and I was rejected from everything I tried out for. Initially, I was really upset, and I struggled to find a place I could belong in at a school where I desperately was trying to escape anonymity. During my first semester I wound up getting somewhat involved in Hall Council and the Class Activities Board, but mostly focused on my school work and adjusting to life in the city. I had made friends, and was figuring college life out, but I still yearned for a true sense of community.

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Exploring New Classes and Jumping in the Deep End

In my first semester at NYU Abu Dhabi, I realized that the biology major I’d planned on was not for me, and suddenly I was faced with countless different classes to choose from. Exploring new areas of study is one of the best parts about studying at a liberal arts college like NYU Abu Dhabi. Sure, I felt a little directionless and unsure of my passions, but my freshman year gave me the space to explore that and find what I truly care about. Here are two of the classes that had the biggest impact on me as a freshman:

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10 Wonderful Things About NYU That Took Me By Surprise

Before I got here, there were a million things about NYU that I couldn’t wait for—how exciting and event-filled the city would be around the clock, amazing food on every corner, incredible professional opportunities, intellectually stimulating classes, celebrity sightings, free Broadway shows—the list goes on. However, the things that nobody told me about beforehand have ended up becoming some of my favorite parts of my college experience. Who doesn’t love a good surprise?


1. NYU does have a campus—and it really feels like a college community!

As everyone knows, NYU is in and of the city, and as such, I worried about how easy it might be to get lost in the mix. However, I quickly learned that our lack of walls does not mean that we don’t have a campus. The Washington Square Park area (and beyond) is unofficially-yet-pretty-much-officially NYU territory, through and through. Walking to class, you are bound to see dozens of people that you know every single day. Through clubs, classes, jobs, and events, you organically build a sense of community and college spirit—New York City just happens to be the backdrop.

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Movies, Streaming, and other Wholesome Media Fun

As you can likely imagine, New York is a star-studded city. It isn’t uncommon to see the likes of Aziz Ansari and Nick Kroll strolling through Washington Square Park. So, you’ll most likely hear your friends saying they saw Maisie Williams at Starbucks that morning. And if you’re anything like me, you’re so bad at names that you just sit there blankly nodding.

I’ve got to make sure that I know the faces and names of all of the ~cool~ TV and Movie stars, so I can catch my chance to point them out to my friends and be the #star that I am. I find that the best way to do that is to watch as much film and TV as I can reasonably fit into my schedule. That being said, the cost of movie theaters, cable, HBO Go, and Amazon prime start to build up. Unless, of course, you’re a student here at NYU. We have access to all of the aforementioned services for free or reduced costs, and oh boy do we use ‘em!

NYU and Theaters:

I come from a town in Connecticut where, thank goodness, movies are 12 dollars (6 on Tuesdays!), so I was devastated to find that I was paying 17 dollars to see Trolls. I got in the theater and made myself all comfy in the seat clutching my popcorn and a large slushie. Pretty much as expected, the next 90 minutes of my life are minutes I can never get back.

Completely annoyed that I willingly spent 17 dollars (which is a MEAL) on something I knew I’d hate, I did what any rational person does: whine and complain to my friends.

Quickly, they shut me up and told me about our first little NYU treat: The NYU Box Office, Ticket Central.

Ticket Central: NYU Ticket Central is a way of connecting students to everything NYC has to offer, be that movies, concerts, or even Broadway shows. I’ve had opportunities to see Broadway shows like the very first preview of Miss Saigon’s newest run for absolutely free, but I use it primarily to get 9 dollar movie tickets! You just show up at the location inside the Skirball Center for Performing Arts and they’ll help you out right away! These tickets do not expire (although some require you wait two weeks after the film’s release) and can be used at a large number of theaters.

You may ask “But Philip! What if the film I want to see isn’t supported by Ticket Central?” Well my young friend, this isn’t the only way to reduce your costs.

Regular Student Discounts: Your NYU id is your key to the city, it has the innate power to make things ~cost less~ I recommend you ask everywhere you go if they offer a student discount (the worst they can say is “no”). I’ve found that nearly every movie theater I’ve been to offers some sort of discount, that includes theaters like the AMC right across the street from the Third Avenue North Residence hall (which has reclining seats)! It doesn’t just apply to traditional theaters though, events like the New York Film Festival offer much cheaper tickets to students. I was able to see an early screening of Manchester By The Sea for almost nothing within my first month here at NYU. It was unreal to see that first bright, full frame on a MASSIVE movie screen, completely surreal.

MAX GO: This one is the least known NYU Service, by FAR! It is an extension of HBO GO (we’ll talk about that later) that allows us to stream HD movies right to our computer! From Deadpool to Casablanca, it’s all there and it’s all free for NYU students. All you have to do is log in with your NYU credentials and you’re good to go. I bet your favorite movie is already on there!

Clearly, I’m not lying when I say NYU gives students the opportunity to see as many movies as they like without totally breaking the bank

BONUS TIP: There is a service called Movie Pass, which is currently 10 dollars a month, that gives you unlimited movies tickets to most major theaters in the area. As long as you see one movie a month, you effectively make 7 dollars!

NYU and TV:

Listen, I love movies, but it’s not hard to say that people these days sometimes prefer a nice night in with a LUSH face mask, a hot tea, and the newest episode of Broad City. However, that show premieres live, like, on cable, which we don’t have. Or DO WE?!

Campus Cable: So long as you’re living on campus, NYU is gonna hook you up with what we call “Campus Cable,” so you can do some maxin’ and relaxin’ in the comfort of your own room! I am a big fan of How to Get Away With Murder (If you’re reading this, I love you Viola Davis) on ABC and lucky for this guy, ABC HD is one of the 94 channels offered on campus. All you have to do is get yourself a coax cord for your TV and you’re good to go. However, if you’re not totally tech savvy, you can put in a tech request or visit the guide on the NYU website and it’ll walk you through the process!

Now this is where you would chime in again, saying “I can’t binge watch Game of Thrones on Cable without HBO, Philip” To which I would respond:

HBO GO: NYU Students living in a residence hall get free access to HBO Go, HBO’s premium streaming service! Just like MAX GO, you just log in via your NYU credentials and you can be watching the Red Wedding in no time at all! Also, did I mention? IT’S FREE!

Amazon Prime: We all love prime, it’s the best and that free two-day shipping is incredible. What few people take advantage of is the movie and TV streaming that it offers to its members. In the mood for SpongeBob? Stream it. Sopranos? Stream it! Indiana Jones? S T R E A M  I T! It’s a great service and NYU students get it free for 6 months, and then after that, it is 50% off a regular subscription, which is incredible. I owe many good movie and TV nights to this service, it’s fabulous.

NYC connects us to the city and entertainment world in a lot of ways and sometimes those ways are FAR from inexpensive. Luckily, for NYU students our school allows us to afford the things we have interests in, which I find to be fully representative of their efforts to support student passion and develop our skills for the future.

I hope to see you all streaming your favorite shows soon!

An Update for Students Impacted by The Recent Hurricanes

We very much understand and empathize with the reality that many high school seniors have been impacted by recent hurricanes in the United States and surrounding territories. We understand families have lost homes and possessions and many folks are still without power.  We are thinking of you and hopeful that your lives return to normal as soon as possible.

On a case-by-case basis, we will consider application extensions for those impacted, especially those applying from Puerto Rico and surrounding islands in the Caribbean. If you intended to apply Early Decision I, please be in touch with your respective admission officer with your request for an extension before our November 1 application deadline.


Please know that our application fee should never be a barrier to applying for admission. If our application fee would be a financial hardship for your family, simply request an application fee waiver on the Common Application and we will waive your fee.


We will also be as flexible as possible on waiting for supporting application materials (e.g. transcripts, test scores, teacher evaluations, etc.), but please understand in advance that certain credentials (e.g. school transcripts) will be required to matriculate at NYU.