5 Technical Tips for 5 Days Before the Deadline

The January 1 application deadline is almost here. NYU is closed for winter break, so here are 5 tips to help you through submitting the application.

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1) Technical Issues with the Application: Contact Common Application if you are having technical issues submitting the application or paying the application fee. Reach out to them before the deadline for assistance, unfortunately NYU cannot help with Common Application technical issues. You must successfully submit for your application to be considered.

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Check out these 10 Latinx students organizations at NYU!

NYU has over 300 active student clubs campus wide for students of all backgrounds to get involved, some of these being cultural clubs representing the Latinx student body. Want to know how to get involved in the Hispanic/Latinx community on campus? Well look no further! Here is a list of a 10 Latinx organizations you can join while at NYU:


1. Bella Quisqueya (Dominican Student Association)

Bella Quisqueya is a club dedicated to highlighting, promoting, and supporting our Dominican culture at NYU through social events and community service.Events include:
– ManguFest
– MofongoMania
– 2018 National Dominican Student Conference Hosts

Fun Fact: I am also the NEW Social Media Chair for Bella Quisqueya for the 2017-2018 school year!!

For more information check out our Facebook page.

2. Cuban American Student Association (CASA)

CASA aims to create a greater sense of community for the Cuban-American students and those who share a love of the Cuban culture and Spanish language. CASA endeavors to create forums for academic and political discussion through activities and programs to enhance the student experience.Events include:
– Cuban Film Screenings
– Croquetas and Chill
– Cuban Feasts

For more information check out their Facebook page.


3. ¡Viva Perú!

¡Viva Perú! is an all-inclusive organization created to celebrate Peruvian and Andean culture. Their goal is to create a familial space for students to discuss issues, policies and situations that arise in Peru as part of a cultural transformation. Events include:
– Quechua Game Night
– Bake Sales
– Social Gatherings


4. Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) @Tandon School of Engineering
SHPE aims to empower the Hispanic community through STEM awareness, access, and support. SHPE hopes to see a world where the Hispanic population is highly valued and influential as leading innovators, mathematicians, scientist, and engineers. Events include:
– Hispanic Heritage Month Events & Volunteering
– Tech Internship Networking Events
– National SHPE Conference

Fun Fact: I am also part of SHPE!!

For more information check out our website.


5. MEXSA (Mexican Student Association)
The purpose of MEXSA is to create a community at NYU that gives students the means to celebrate and appreciate a rich culture and positive awareness of Mexican heritage and traditions.
Events include:
– Sit down with Mexican politicians
– Specialists panels with Mexican professionals
– Documentary screenings

For more information check out their Facebook page.


6. LUCHA (Latinos Unidos Con Honor y Amistad)

LUCHA is an organization for social, political, and cultural education aiming to bring necessary changes to NYU for the betterment of the community. LUCHA’s goal is to organize and engage in challenging conceptions and provoking new ideas for a better tomorrow.
Events include:
– Salsa Con Salsa
– Latino Unity Conference
– Dia De La Raza

For more information check out their Facebook page.


7. Undergraduate Latin American Business Asociation (ULABA) @Leonard N. Stern School of Business

ULABA aims to create a hub for professional networking and learning experiences within the Latin American community at NYU. ULABA offers engaging professional, social, and academic events for its members.
Events include:
– Panels with Latinx professionals in business
– Interviewing 101
– Mentorship Program

For more information check out their website.


8. Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting at NYU (ALPFA)

The ALPFA at NYU is committed to the goal of empowering latino leaders in Finance and Accounting careers.
Events include:
– Catan Night
– Mock Interviews
– Tech Start-Up Panel


9. Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity

Phi Iota Alpha’s mission is to develop leaders and creative innovative way to unite NYU’s Latino community. This is the first Latino fraternity in the USA. The brotherhood is made up of professional men committed to Latin American empowerments through social and cultural programs for the promotion and appreciation of the Latinx culture.

Events include:
–  UNICEF Noche De Cultura: The Masquerade
– Queer Latinidad Panel
– Selena Movie Night

For more information check out their Facebook page.


10. Hermandad De Sigma Iota Alpha Sorority

Sigma Iota Alpha aims to increase awareness of the Latinx culture and promote sisterhood while serving as role models and achieving academic excellence. SIA encourages all its members to promote a diverse culture and social environment. SIA welcomes women from all backgrounds to explore their sorority and join a lifetime of sisterhood and excellence.
Events include:
– Keepin’ It Natural 101
– Latin Representation In Media Discussion
– Blood Drive & Volunteering

For more information check out their website.

These are just a few of the many diverse and multicultural (both Latinx and beyond) clubs NYU officers, so check out our entire list of clubs. Don’t see a Latinx club/organization you’re interested in joining? Well check out our Club Life page to learn more about creating a new club at NYU!

22 of the Best NYU 2022 Reactions (ED1 Edition)

Ah, Early Decision. I remember the days. Ten years ago, in fact, I received my OWN Early Decision letter from NYU (by snail mail…I know, I’m old)! It seriously changed the long-term trajectory of my life.

On Friday we released admission decisions for EDI applicants and as expected the reactions were hilarious and heartwarming. Here are some of our favorite reactions:

1. This excited girl who may or may not have a giant bruise on her foot now

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The College Waiting Game

So you’ve finished applying to NYU! Congratulations!

Pat yourself on the back, you’ve done a lot of work over your high school career and now all you have to do is wait. Easy, right?

No matter what schools you’ve applied to, the waiting game is absolutely the worst part of the college process, so here are my tips for what to do after you’ve applied to NYU.

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Reflections on Candidate Weekend

Reflections on Candidate Weekend

The first Candidate Weekend of the academic year is this December, right around the corner. I applied to NYU Abu Dhabi Early Decision 1, and I came the December Candidate Weekend in 2013. I remember opening the invitation email on my phone between classes and not being able to pay attention for the first half of AP Biology.

I boarded the plane that December for my first trip overseas. I told myself that this was just a three-day interview – of course, this thought did nothing to calm my nerves. Once I arrived in Abu Dhabi, I was overwhelmed by all the newness. I heard voices speaking English, Arabic, Urdu, Tagalog, and more languages I couldn’t recognize. Every new person I met was from a different country. We visited the downtown campus, where NYUAD operated until 2014, and listened to a talk about Saadiyat Campus since it was still under construction. It’s funny to think about that time now, having lived on Saadiyat for nearly four years. While Saadiyat is more removed from the city than the downtown campus was, the new campus has vastly more resources and facilities, and as the student body expands we grow into the nooks and crannies and establish traditions that make Saadiyat campus our own.

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5 Things To Remember After Applying To NYU

Once you have submitted that college application there is nothing you can do other than wait. With your family members, friends and teachers all saying “good luck” it has you thinking whether it simply is just luck or whether all that hard work will pay off. Here are my tips for those of you who cannot shake their applications from their minds.

  1. Be confident in yourself

You know how much work you put into those applications. You know that you tried your hardest in the standardised tests, classes and extra-curriculars. You know that you are one-of-a-kind and there is no one else like you and that those colleges will be lucky to have you. Even you are unsure of your ability you have to realise there are so many people out there who are confident in  you. Your recommenders put time and effort into their reviews, your counsellor put time and effort into their review. You have showcased yourself in the best positive light and that is all anyone can ask of you.

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With Great Independence Comes Great Responsibility

Change is an undeniable part of growing up. Whether it is moving homes, changing schools, meeting new people, finding new interests, or anything in between, every single person experiences myriad changes in their life. For many people, myself included, one of the largest changes is the process of going to college. College can come with any number of transitions: a new city, new friends, new studies, or even a new identity—a new you, so to speak. In my experience, the change that took the longest for me to get used to was the independence. For better or for worse, a majority of college students operate on a level of independence with which few have had prior experience. You’re going to be treated as an adult in college, so no one is going to be nagging at you to do your homework, no one is going to be making sure you get to class on time (or even go to class at all), and fewer people are going to be looking out for you on a day-to-day basis. It’s not to say that no one is going to be supporting you, but it’s just that the increased independence is also going to come with a necessary increase in responsibility as well. You need to start taking responsibility for yourself. And when I say responsibility for yourself, I mean every part of yourself—for your own sake, as well as others’.

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