Falcons & Sandstorms

Hilarious forecast here in Abu Dhabi today. 97 degrees and … Dust. It’s only hilarious because it’s 6 degrees in New York City, where I’ve escaped from this weekend. I’ll take this – and the sandstorm we had this afternoon – any day. This is heaven on earth as far as I’m concerned.

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Reading Season Playlist

As you learned from my last blog post, the admissions counselors at NYU clock a serious amount of time in front of our computers this time of year (fun fact: I actually didn’t wear glasses my first year working in admissions! Now they are my favorite, and extremely necessary, accessory).  Whether we are reading from home or spending time in the office, many of us like to listen to some tunes while reading applications.  Since we read applications regionally here at NYU (shout out to the Pacific Northwest!) I like to listen to playlists/artists that match the region I’m reading. Read More

“Where’s my decision?”

January 1st.

Do you remember it like it was yesterday?

I certainly do. It was the day that thousands filled Times Square, watching the ball drop, celebrating the arrival of 2015, along with billions of men and women around the world. It was also the day that you began the next chapter in what promises to be a great adventure. It was the day you clicked “Submit.” Read More

The Big Apples- A Trip Out Of New York City

Don’t get me wrong, New York is great. But, as a Californian, I don’t know if I’ll every become fully adjusted to the cold weather.  I have come to accept that it is ok that sometimes I can’t feel my fingers/face/legs/whole body when I’m outside for an extended period of time. In those moments, as I walk down the street or wait for the subway on an outdoor platform, I try to think back to simpler times when the temperature was warmer. Read More

Live from Brooklyn, It’s Reading Season!

It is cold and snowy here in NYC! So snowy on Monday that the subways shut down at 11pm. The city that never sleeps was a bit quieter than usual over the past two days, even though we didn’t get quite the 2 feet of snow that forecasters were predicting.  While all you east coasters were enjoying your snow day, the undergraduate admissions office was reviewing applications, but instead of spending time on campus we were reading from the comfort of our homes. Read More