Beautiful Complexity

I am writing this post in the wee hours of the morning, after a long day of RA training, followed by a long night of bulletin board creation. That means that, indeed, it is that time of year again—RA Training. Starting last Sunday, the Resident Assistants at NYU have been undergoing training from about 9am to 11pm each day in order to prepare for move in day and the upcoming year. We’ve been trained about roommate conflicts, how to have meaningful and respectful discussions, how to document policy violations, and all sorts of logistical things. But one of my favorite things to learn about during training is social identity, another hugely important part of RA training. Read More


In just a matter of days, the NYU Class of 2018 will have arrived.  Our freshmen will depart for New York, Abu Dhabi, Florence, London, Paris, and Shanghai.  Just over 6,000 men and women from all over the world – literally – are about to begin their college experience at NYU.  And so the goodbyes begin.

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Tot Later, Amsterdam

Well, today’s the day: I’m leaving Amsterdam.

It’s pretty crazy to think that I’ve been here for just two months living, studying, and growing, but that two months is up, and as I look back on the experience I’ve had, it’s pretty hard to use words for it. There is so much to consider, including the studio component, the living component, and how it made me look both out at the world and in at myself. Read More

6 NYU Housing Policies New Students May Not Know

This week was a pretty boring one in the life of Mishka, so enjoy my commentary on NYU’s student conduct code!

As a newly hired Resident Assistant (RA) at Founders Hall, I’m required to review the Student Conduct Policy and Process before Welcome Week and the start of the semester. It’s a wonderful bedtime read—by which I mean I can guarantee it’ll put you to sleep in less than five minutes flat. So, I’ve taken it upon myself to highlight some of the more interesting and obscure policies within it. Read More

Internship Tips

This week is my final week at my summer internship at NPR, and it has been one awesome summer. This internship turned out to be the perfect fit for me, and I’m leaving having learned a LOT. I think this is the best internship I’ve ever had, and that means a lot, considering this is the sixth internship I’ve had since high school. Given all these experiences, I feel I’m pretty knowledgeable when it comes to the internship experience, so I figured I would share with you all some of my top tips for getting the most out of an internship! NYU students land internships like crazy (in part due to our great Wasserman Career Center and in part because we’re awesome) so if you come here, you may need these tips. Read More


Before this past weekend, I had only celebrated PRIDE in New York City. For anyone who has never experienced a PRIDE event, it is essentially a celebration of LGBTQ+ milestones and achievements through parties, parades, and a variety of celebrations and merriment. However, this past weekend reinvented the idea of a PRIDE celebration for me. I wasn’t contained to just one main day to celebrate the many aspects of my identity—I had a whole weekend. Here are some photos highlighting my experience in Amsterdam at the city’s PRIDE festivities! Enjoy, and don’t be too jealous! ;) Read More

26 Dorm-Decorating (errr…Residence Hall-Decorating?) Tips

There’s a reason NYU calls them residence halls instead of dorms. The word “dorm” is enough to make me cringe — for me, it instantly brings to mind prison-style living. In college, that means cramped living quarters (usually with bunk beds), a communal kitchen that’s too far from your bed (especially on those days where the farthest you want to go is from your bed to the fridge and back), and a shared bathroom down the hall (that you wouldn’t dare enter without shower shoes). Read More

EDM, Love, and Poignancy

Last weekend, our program gave us a three day weekend (as opposed to our normal six days of classes per week). Many people left for other cities around Europe, but four of us decided to stay in Amsterdam for the entire weekend. This ended up being the best decision we could have made, as we were given free tickets to a music festival that was happening on Sunday. Read More