How I Read an Application (with the help of One Direction)

Hi Friends!

I hope you are all having a great week! NYC got slammed with snow last weekend—perfect application reading weather!! Last year I told you about the admissions counselors’ favorite music to listen to while reading applications. Admittedly, I’ve been listening to a LOT of One Direction lately. Maybe it’s because I’m reading files from the UK, or because their new album is my favorite (this is a judgement free zone, friends) but they’ve been at the top of my playlist this reading season. Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis—now that 1D is on hiatus, do you want to apply to NYU? Zayn, I guess you can apply too.

Now that you know what I’ve been listening to while I read applications, I want to walk you through how I read a file. NYU reviews applications holistically, meaning we consider all aspects of your application—from transcripts, to test scores, to letters of recommendation, all components of your application are super important to us! Below you’ll find the order in which I review components of your application, and what we’re looking for with each piece of your application.  The boys from 1D are going to help me too…

one direction louis tomlinson liam payne harry styles niall horan

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College Auditions

For someone looking for a career in the arts, college auditions are arguably the most important audition in your life, or at least it feels that way when you are a senior in High School. I auditioned at several schools my senior year of High School and began preparing for those auditions about a year prior. This week I was giving tours of NYU and had several applicants on my tour who had their auditions for Tisch and Steinhardt later that day. There was some advice that I had received when I was in high school and advice that I shared with those applicants.

It is okay that you are not perfect. It is absolutely fine that you are not ready to be performing on Broadway tomorrow. NYU or any university is not looking to admit students who are already completely perfect. NYU is looking to select students who show potential, who will grow and by the end of the program be ready to perform on Broadway, in Carnegie Hall, The Met Opera, or even in the classroom. It is so important to try your hardest and be prepared. The professors you will be auditioning for only want to see someone who is talented, prepared, and has a lot of passion.

Something that I found with NYU is that this is a university built on passion. Whether you are applying to the Stern School of Business or the College of Arts and Science NYU likes to see applicants who are passionate about what they want to study. Even students applying to the Liberal Arts Program who haven’t found their passion yet should be passionate about coming to New York City and studying here (or Shanghai or Abu Dhabi if you are applying to those campuses). I will say it again NYU is a university built upon passion and I think that is something that professors and admission counselors like to see in students.

You might be thinking, well I like a certain major, but I am only seventeen how do I know if I am really passionate about it/want to pursue this for the rest of my life. Well when I auditioned for NYU I was auditioning for the Steinhardt Music Education program the audition was followed by an interview with the director of the program. I remember saying that I wasn’t sure if teaching was absolutely positively the thing I wanted to do the rest of my life, I mean I was still in High School, but I was passionate about music. I knew whatever I did in the future was going to involve music. So what I am trying to say is that while NYU is built upon passion it doesn’t mean you need to have your whole life figured out when you are applying.

I wish I could say college auditions are fun don’t be nervous, but it is something that is important and you are going to be nervous. I challenge you to think about this audition as a chance for you to perform. For artist so many times we are in the ensemble, loving every minute because we are performing, but we spend a lot of time working towards getting those solos and this audition is a chance for you to have sometime in the spotlight. The people watching your audition are praying that the next Lady Gaga is going to walk through that door, they are rooting for you. So again be prepared, be passionate, and know that between your family, friends, and the staff here at NYU literally everyone is rooting for you. Have a great audition!

I applied to NYU…now what?

Hello friends! January 1st has come and gone and our office is buried (well, not actually buried, because we read applications online, but could you imagine what 63,000 paper applications would look like?) under applications, transcripts, test scores, and letters of recommendation. We spend most of our time reading applications from home so I’ve been spending some quality time with my plants and noshing on my favorite reading season snacks while reading applications from the Pacific Northwest (shout out to any applicant from Seattle who can send some Molly Moons ice cream to NYC. Anyone? Bueller?).

movies bueller bueller bueller buller ferris buellers day off ben stein

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Hurry Up and Rest!

My past semester was filled with great classes and professors, several new friends, and adventures around the less-explored parts of the city. But looking back, now that everything has come to an end, I can’t help but realize how busy I was!

Winter Break couldn’t have come at a better time. From the stress of finals to the exhaustion that comes with just being a student, it’s important to grant yourself some much-deserved relaxation time. For me that meant booking a flight home to Georgia to spend the holidays with my family. So far, I have taken advantage of sleeping in a queen-sized bed, eating home-cooked meals, and spending my days without once thinking of an assignment I need to complete.

However, going home isn’t the only way to remove yourself from school. Maybe you’ll want a “staycation,” where you stay in your residence hall and use the break to soak up the decorations around New York City. Maybe you’ll decide to just stay cozied up in your room, watching movies until your TV becomes too hot to touch.

Whatever it is, make sure to take some time to rejuvenate yourself before the next round of classes. Both your body and mind will thank you when February brings on those late night study sessions.

New Year New Major

NYU offers so many different options when it comes to deciding what you want to study. There are options such as programs in the arts where students have to decide on their major even before arriving at NYU. There are other options such as the College of Arts and Science or the Liberal Studies Program where students don’t have to declare a major until their sophomore year. For me I knew I wanted to study music and auditioned for NYU Steinhardt’s Music Education program. Now in the spring of my sophomore year I have made the decision to switch into Steinhardt’s Vocal Performance program in Music Theatre. This was a big decision that I made and from this experience I can offer some advice on some things to keep in mind when picking or transferring into a program.

  1. It’s okay to not know. Don’t think that when you’re a seventeen year old in high school you have to know what you want to study. If you are thinking you want to go into a very specific program like a music, theatre, or an art program remember that if you end up not enjoying it there are ways to switch programs you are never locked in a program for all four years
  2. Be proactive. If you are unhappy where you are don’t just accept being stuck there look into what your options are. A lot of research can be done just by going onto the NYU website and looking into the different programs. You will find the exact requirements for each degree. Some programs will actually list the exact classes you have to take online.
  3. Advisors are your friend. Advisors have a lot of knowledge and they are very easy to meet with. If you are unsure about switching programs a meeting with your advisor can make all the difference.
  4. Don’t put off making a decision. I can not say enough to never feel like you’re stuck where you are. While it is important to make a clear decision and talk it out with everyone you know, every semester you put off switching programs you get further behind in that new program.
  5. You got this! College is a time to find your passion so if you are looking to apply to NYU and you see the list of all the programs and have no idea what you want to study that is okay. If you are unhappy in your program it is not a crazy idea to search for a new route to take. While some programs are harder to switch into there will always be an alternative option at NYU.

For me switching programs was a difficult decision to make. I was never completely set on education when I applied to NYU, but during my first year I found a joy for education and I really loved the program. I took this semester and tried to spend a lot of time thinking if I could see myself as a music teacher in just a few years and I decided that right now I want to be a performer. I definitely love education and can see myself teaching in the future, but far in the future, I see myself performing right now. When making a big decision like this it is important to talk to people. I spoke to my parents, my advisors, my friends and got a feel from what others had to say and those different perspectives played a big part in the final decision. Lastly here are these final important words to remember: You are never stuck in a program there is always a solution just don’t feel stuck.    

5 Underrated Perks of Being an NYU Student

NYU is an amazing school for many different reasons. The academics? Stellar. The professors? Enlightening. The opportunities to explore NYC? Endless. When I was going through the process of college searching and applying, these were all factors I considered. I wanted to make sure the university I chose would live up to its academic reputation while also enabling me to grow both as a student and a person. NYU has certainly fulfilled (and even exceeded) my expectations in that department, but now that I am officially a student here I realize I have different needs…

Being a college student can be difficult and occasionally overwhelming, especially at such a rigorous school. But the benefits always outweigh the drawbacks, at least for me. During my time here, I have slowly become more aware of all the perks of holding what seems like the key to New York City (A.K.A. my NYU ID card).

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Ricardo’s Surprise

Earlier this week I got a chance to make a dream come true. I traveled to the Collegiate Institute for Math and Science in the Bronx to present Ricardo Alvarado with his letter of admission from NYU!  Ricardo had no idea I was coming and his counselor, Zee Santiago, did a great job of keeping it a secret.  So many of Ricardo’s friends showed up to congratulate him (hey, Lovejoy!).  

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Being “Average” at NYU

In high school you may have been the cream of the crop, star of the school musical, the principal violinist, the quarterback of the football team, but things change going from high school to college. Sometimes other NYU students can be a little intimidating because let’s face it there are some cool people who attend/have attended NYU (Dylan and Cole Sprouse). Some students have been on Broadway, some have written novels, and other have traveled the globe making a difference in the world and you’re just sitting here thinking my high school musical was pretty great. So here are some important things to remember when coming to NYU:

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