NYU Move-In Day 2016

Sunday, August 28th was the start of something special in NYC. From 7AM to 7PM, over 5,300 students in NYU’s Class of 2020 moved into 11 residence halls in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Move-in Day at NYU is a sight to witness. It starts early, around 6am. Hundreds of staff and student volunteers grab coffee and organize luggage bins to prepare for the onslaught of clothes, refrigerators, microwaves, and whatever else crafty college students can fit in a suitcase or the trunk of a car. It also happens fast. Most families unload their car in under 10 minutes. Welcome to New York, right!

I helped students move into Othmer Hall in Brooklyn at the Tandon School of Engineering. You can say whatever you want about engineers, but I think they do the best job packing their cars. NYU’s President Andy Hamilton and his wife Jennie showed up at 9AM sharp to welcome new NYUers. Move-in day always reminds me that NYU brings people together in a special way.

So the Class of 2020 is on campus and Welcome Week starts today. During Welcome Week NYU’s Dean of Admissions, Shawn Abbott, will turn the Class of 2020 over to our colleagues in Student Affairs. It’s so exciting to see the students we’ve worked with over the past year arrive to start their college lives. But we also know what that means for the Office of Admissions.


If you’re still reading and can’t stop thinking about how much you want to be part of NYU’s Class of 2021, I have good news. My colleagues and I will soon be traveling the globe to meet with you; click here to see if we are hosting an event in your city and check with your guidance counselor to see if we are visiting your school. If you come see us, you will learn about NYU’s three degree-granting campuses and the hundreds of academic programs you have to choose from. We will tell you about study abroad and internships and I’m sure you’ll walk away dreaming about exploring NYC in your free time.

If you can’t see us, don’t worry. You can stay in touch on TwitterYouTube, Facebook, and Instagram with @MeetNYU.

Sunday, August 28th 2016 was the start of something special for the NYU Class of 2020. We look forward to working with you over the coming year to make sure August 2017 is equally great!

The Common Application Is Live & Nada Is In Rio

As most rising high school seniors know, the 2016-2017 Common Application went live on August 1. Students can submit an application for our Class of 2021 anytime between now and January 1.

A reminder that NYU does not have a supplement to the Common Application. Instead we ask students one simple question within the application itself: Why NYU? Through your response to that question, we’re hopeful to learn more about which of our campuses, schools, colleges, and programs are of interest to NYU and more specifically – Why?

Last year I posted these words of advice on how to choose a campus, school, college, or program at NYU.

More importantly, Nada has arrived in Rio. Nada Al-Bedwawi, one of our students from NYU Abu Dhabi, is now in Brazil – the first female swimmer to compete for the UAE in the Olympic games. Nada carried the flag for the UAE during the opening ceremony and competes in the Women’s 50mm Freestyle event on Friday.

This is sort of the biggest NYU Olympic deal since gold-medal-winning gymnast Nastia Liukin graduated in May.

Walking Backwards into a Career

I never thought that my part time job as an undergraduate would lead me to my career. But that’s what makes college so exciting—you never know how different experiences will shape your future and open your eyes to careers you didn’t even know existed. It all began in the winter of my sophomore year—I applied to be a tour guide. It seemed like a great job: talk to students about how much I loved my college experience, answer questions they had about the admissions process, and walk backwards. I knew I was coordinated enough to walk backwards (I was a dance major, so that part should be a piece of cake!) and I was excited to help mentor prospective students. After an intense interview and training process, I got the job! Whether it was raining, snowing, or a perfect sunny day, I could be found walking backwards around campus, sharing my love of my undergraduate institution with juniors and seniors in high school. I spent a lot of time working in the admissions office, eventually supervising other tour guides. If I wasn’t in the dance studio or the library, you could usually find me in the admissions office!  As I started thinking about what I wanted to do once I graduated, I spoke with many of my mentors in the admissions office, and discovered what a great career admissions could be! I loved to travel, meet new people, and after helping students as a tour guide, I was excited to counsel them in a professional setting as an admissions counselor.


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Wait List Update 4

As of today, we have admitted just shy of 300 students from our wait list for the Class of 2020. From this point forward, we expect to admit no more than a dozen additional students (at most) and virtually all of our programs are full at this time. If we are able to extend a space to you, we will do so by August 1, the date by which we will close our wait list.

We thank all of our candidates for their patience as we finalize our admission decisions in the next 2-3 weeks.

The Major Dilemma about Majors

Hello, happy people! I hope your summers are being spent tanning, relaxing, Netflix-ing, and starting your college planning. ….What? Too soon, you say? It’s never too soon! Just because school isn’t in session doesn’t mean you should put off your application process! It can be as simple as creating a CommonApp account, deciding what to write your essay about, or even narrowing down which schools you’ll apply to come fall.

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The anthem of pride, Boricua!, was heard throughout the streets of New York City this past weekend as the Puerto Rican Day Parade rolled down iconic Fifth Avenue on Sunday. One of my very first cultural experiences in New York City was that parade and remains one of my favorite events of the year to this day nearly 20 years later. This year’s parade drew a record 1.5 million spectators. You can see some of them here.

The Boricua! anthem takes on a whole new meaning this year at NYU, as a record-breaking number of Puerto Rican students from San Juan to Spanish Harlem will join students of Dominican and Mexican descent, as well as students from more than a dozen Central and South American countries. In August, we will welcome our largest Latino/a/x community ever to arrive at New York University.

Wait List Update 3

First-year applicants holding a space on our wait list should read this update:

We have now admitted just over 200 students from our wait list. We continue to have no space in our College of Arts and Science, programs in Liberal Studies, the Gallatin School of Individualized Study, the Tandon School of Engineering, and NYU Abu Dhabi. It now also appears that we will have no additional space in our Stern School of Business.

We are still unsure as to whether or not we will admit any additional students to our Meyers College of Nursing or Silver School of Social Work, but it is looking increasingly unlikely.

We still may have additional space in our School of Professional Studies, Steinhardt School, Tisch School of the Arts, and NYU Shanghai. You will be contacted by phone or email if we are able to offer you such a space. Please do not call or email to inquire about your status.

Virtually all transfer students have received a final admission decision. We have some final decisions to make and a very small wait list. We will provide those students with closure as soon as possible.

I will provide another update in July and all students will have a final decision on their application status by August 1.

Wait List Update 2

Here is an update for first-year applicants holding a space on our wait list.

Since May 1, we have admitted another 75 or so students from our waiting list. As of this week, approximately 110 students have been admitted thus far. From this point forward, we do not expect to extend any additional offers of our admission to the following programs: the College of Arts and Science, Core Program in Liberal Studies, Global Liberal Studies Program, Gallatin School of Individualized Study, or Tandon School of Engineering.

We may have additional space in our other programs but it is too early to tell how many and when those spaces may open.

If you are holding a space, please take the time to read my first update for students on the wait list, which explains what you should (and should not do) from this point forward.

I will provide another update in a few weeks.

10 Signs You’re Ready for NYU

10) You accidentally wore your NYU sweatshirt to school every day for a week

Ever since you bought your sweatshirt after your campus tour, you’ve been proudly sporting the purple. No shame in loving NYU, just don’t forget to wash your hoodie every once in a while!

9) You found at least 3 restaurants near campus that you’re dying to try

tv funny humor eat mindy kaling

With the help of the Yelp app you recently downloaded to your phone, you’ve been able to discover all the best eats around NYU and NYC. While you know you won’t have any trouble finding food using your meal plan and the dining halls, who can resist a good meal from a famous NYC restaurant every once in a while?

8) You’ve started referring to yourself as a New Yorker

nyc everyone same walks

Pretty much ever since you applied to NYU you’ve been practicing the art of speed-walking and shoving bagels and lox down your throat. In your mind, you’re practically already a New Yorker…

7) Your packing list is complete

pack packing suitcase trip

It may not even be summer, and you may still have finals and AP exams to study for, but that hasn’t stopped you from imagining what living at NYU will be like. Maybe you’ve gone through all the Bed, Bath, and Beyond lists or you’ve spoken to a college-aged friend. You know that you should be providing your own sheets but are pumped that you don’t necessarily have to pack shower shoes (Yay no communal bathrooms at NYU!).

6) You already consider your roommate your best friend…even though you don’t know them yet

rhoa real housewives of atlanta nene leakes best friends best friend

The roommate process for first year students at NYU is random, relying solely on a personal questionnaire and geographical diversity. But that hasn’t stopped you from daydreaming about all of the fun things you and your new roomie will do around the city!

5) You mapped out multiple walking paths to and from your residence hall and campus

lost bc the matrix broad city weather finger

If you’re anything like I was, a prospective NYU student coming from somewhere other than New York, Google Maps is your best friend. You memorized the address of your favorite residence hall and know that from there it takes exactly 6 minutes to get to your first class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Next you’ll be figuring out the quickest walk to a nearby coffee shop…

4) You’re already planning your study abroad trip

Cheezburger tv mindwarp travelling

NYU offers more students the opportunity to study away than any other university, so you’re thankful to have a reason to travel endlessly during a chosen semester. With college adventures on your mind, you’ve already read through all of the course offerings at our away sites and planned out your trip for sophomore year– why wait? You might even be lucky enough to be spending your freshman year abroad through the Liberal Studies Program, in which case you’ve probably mapped out which neighboring countries you’ll be visiting during your first year.

3) You’ve attempted to understand the subway system at least twice

loop perfect hd nyc subway

As an NYU student, you expect that you will frequent the subway to get you all around the city. Navigating the subway can be a little challenging at first, but you know that you’ll be a professional in no time!

2) You’ve planned out a tentative class schedule for your intended major

You understand it’s a little early to be thinking of the classes you want to take as a freshman, but you can’t help it. Your whole year is planned out, from the core classes you’ll fulfill to a fun elective. And you even checked Rate My Professor to make sure you’re getting the best professors fit for your personality!

1) You’re ready for new experiences and new challenges

Nick At Nite happy friends excited jumping

Most importantly, you’re ready for the journey that is NYU. You know that there might be some challenges leaving home and moving to a new city, but you are confident that NYU is the right place for you. You look forward to meeting people from all around the world, gaining free access to famous NYC spots just because you’re an NYU student, and learning from world-renowned professors.

Hope to see you soon…

Wait List Update 1

Earlier today, we notified between 35-40 students who applied to the Tisch School of the Arts and Meyers College of Nursing that we could offer them admission. Those students were alerted to check their NYU Albert account online to view their admission decision and to confirm their enrollment at NYU.

At this point, it still too early to tell if we will have additional spaces. I will provide an update on this blog as the spring progresses into summer but a few updates now:

  1. If your interest in NYU is burning, the best way to advocate for yourself is to provide whatever information you want us to consider on our wait list response form, which has ample space to express your interest in NYU and to add any additional information you want us to consider.
  2. We strongly discourage against submitting ANY new materials and/or recommendations. So many students send us emails and letters expressing their interest in NYU when, in fact, the wait list response form above is the only additional item we review (along with one’s application materials) when determining who to admit from the wait list. Of course, if admitted, we will also want to review your final transcript.
  3. Before emailing or calling with questions about how our wait list works, please review our wait list FAQ here. Roughly 10-15% of our applicant pool was offered a space on our wait list. By May 1, we expect fewer than half of these students will agree to be on our wait list. We will then re-evaluate those candidates in the event any space is available in our freshman class. The wait list is not ranked and we cannot predict how many students will eventually be offered admission. The number has ranged from 0 to 500+ in recent years.
  4. For some programs, we have exhausted NYU scholarships and we may need to be “need-aware” in making decisions about who to admit from the wait list.
  5. Out of fairness to all, we do not set up appointments with students on the wait list. Again, instead of visiting or sending new materials, please make use of our wait list response form above.

We know that it can and will be frustrating to wait for us. A waiting list can feel like purgatory. You haven’t been admitted. You haven’t been denied. The wait can sometimes be unbearable. Patience will be essential.

If we have space in any of our programs on any of our campuses, we will do everything possible to consider you until the very end. But the end may be as late as August 1.

August 1?! Yes, August 1. While there is absolutely no expectation that you wait for us until August 1, it may, in fact, take through the months of May, June, and July for us to know if any space will materialize. You can remove your name from our wait list at any time and we would encourage you to do so at any point by emailing admissions.ops@nyu.edu. We only want you to remain on the waiting list for as long as you have interest in NYU.

We wish you the best with your options for next year and we will be in touch as soon as possible.