My Week in Shanghai

Last week I found myself on a plane to Shanghai a couple days after finishing up the review process for freshman applicants here in New York. To say I was excited to travel to China to see NYU Shanghai for the first time would be an understatement (my colleague and I had a countdown on his phone for months!) and the experience did not disappoint. Read More

Welcome, Andrew!

Let’s give a warm, Undergraduate Admissions welcome to Andrew Hamilton!

Currently the Vice Chancellor of the University of Oxford, Hamilton will be hanging up his Oxford blues in favor of some Mayfair Violet, when he becomes the 16th president of New York University in January 2016, following the retirement of our beloved John Sexton. Read More


After months of being cooped up in our respective apartments reading applications, it’s time for the most fun part of reading season: committee!!  If you’ve seen the Tina Fey movie Admission (side bar: I was super excited when my all-time favorite actress played an admissions counselor on the big screen. One time I saw her at a fro-yo place uptown and I got so excited I dropped my yogurt before I even paid for it—luckily she didn’t see me do it). Anywho, Read More

Sultan of the Subway

You know that “Wow, I’ve made it” feeling?

It’s a tingle inside, an “ah-ha” moment as Oprah would say, where deep inside you feel a twinge of satisfaction when you’re finally able to do something you’ve always felt uncomfortable doing. Sometimes you grin slightly, maybe even chuckle to yourself. Other times memories of your incompetency come flooding back and you blush in remembering the ways of your past, less sophisticated self. Either way, it’s an accomplishment. Read More